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Chinov is professional in creating custom point of purchase displays for various usage. We’re fully capable with in-factory machines and equipment for manufacturing point of purchase displays. Our workers are expert of all kinds of handicraft to make your dream point of sale display. Our products are ideal merchandise for most commercial applications, such as exhibition display, store display and product display.



With over 15 years manufacturing & 10 years exporting experience, we work to provide perfect solutions.


Our sales engineers provide you with advanced designs and product improvement suggestions.


High capability, on-time delivery, comprehensive sales support, 1 year factory warranty.


All acrylic displays involve electronic components  are quality-authorized by CE, ROHS, FCC.


We have worked with Chinov for over 4 years and always been very happy with all of the displays that Chinov produced. We’d like working with you and intend to continue to do so.

Jonathan WhiteMarketing Director

We’ve been buying acrylic hangers from Chinov. Victoria has been always bringing us great news and nice products.

Haylli WeintraubProcurement Officer

Great product! Bought these acrylic stands to display bracelets and they are perfect. Clean, contemporary and transparent so the jewelry is focus. Love the sophisticated vibe.

Patricia RadilloOwner


POP display is an essential element for retail stores.

Point of purchase marketing refers to any section of a store that is used to engage customers with your product. Pop displays, on the other hand, are defined as displays that are different in existence from the stock aisle shelf, properly putting a product along the path of the shopper via the store.

POP is a potential approach used by modern manufacturers. Many vendors have a kind of POP material which they offer for use in retail stores at no cost.

The pop material is used to spotlight the product and attract the attention of the customers towards it, which is critical in a retail store that is crammed with the same merchandise.

Advantages of Effective POP Displays

Having an effective point of purchase displays brings numerous benefits in store, and can assist both the buyers and retailers to have affection for your brand.

More often, the point of purchase displays has been indicated to improve sales at retail even by a margin of more than 20%. For more details about the effectiveness of point of purchase displays, here are the 5 best benefits of POP displays.

1.Attracts Impulse Buyers

acrylic point of sale display

Using the point of purchase displays becomes easier to fascinate your customers to purchase your goods as long as they are already in the premise purposefully to buy other things. A well-tailored ad is more likely to impact the audience viewing it, given that they are within the budget range to purchase that product at the moment.

If customers are in the store and already purchasing, chances are they will end up buying something new they had not intended to buy when they are entering the shop.

Most of the purchases in areas with the point of purchase displays are often unplanned, more so in the beverage and food industry, meaning that when you have an effective point of purchase in your premises, it will yield a profound impact on your sales.

2.Supplement Your Business Packaging

pop displays supplement business package

Perhaps, you’ve got an excellent product, and you want to create awareness about the services of your product to as many customers as possible. Or you have many activities that you want to accomplish, but it has become difficult to fit all onto a box or small label?

Worry not, because the point of purchase displays is here to supplement your packaging. All you have to do is to enter POP displays.

Other than the increasing attraction of your goods to customers, POP creates more space for the business to familiarize buyers about the uniqueness of your product in terms of value.

This can be achieved by offering extra information that otherwise would not fit on the size of your packaging. Moreover, with the point of purchase displays, you can make the brand of your designs to appear much bigger to assist in the branding of final products.

3.Catch the Attention of The Customer

pop displays catch customer's attention

The effective POP display is fundamental in catching the attention of the shoppers. Traditionally, signage point of purchase displays would only be found around the cash register location; however, today POP has advanced and can be found at any point of the store, such as on ceilings of your store.

4.Assist Your Retailer to Sell Your Products

point of sale display help your retailers to sell

The most common struggle among the most foresighted business of the modern market is ensuring that there is high merchandise rate at the retail. This is depended on the understanding level of the retailer to your brand.

Additionally, it is also limited to how much space and time the retailers are willing to commit to many of your brands that need adequate promotion.

By having a display alongside your products, the POP can help you in determining how exactly you want to see your brand get advertised within the premise. This is important because it saves you and your customers a lot of trouble.

5.Locate Your Products at Strategic Points

increase sales by visual merchandising

The fact that point of purchase displays is usually designed to be freestanding or they’re structured as attachments that can be connected at the end of the shelves. They create a lot of flexibility.

By having your products strategically located, it means you’re not being squeezed any longer in a certain corner low on the shelf. Additionally, it implies that you can now put your products at the center of any part of the store that’s greatly traversed.

Furthermore, this technique works effectively in getting your brand adjacent to complementary products if any, that may commonly be used with. This works even if initially there’s insufficient space around.

The Benefit of Acrylic POP Display

When you walk into most visual merchandising stores, you will find that acrylic stand is the most prevalent used pop display. It is deemed as the best feature display for industrial and high-value products. Therefore, you can use high definition acrylic to propose your goods that are featured simply because the acrylic enhances the visibility of your products with much ease. Acrylic pop is essential in delivering a premium visual of your goods and brand.

Acrylic material provides the versatility and durability needed to design displays that stand apart from the rest. Click to know more about our capability in producing acrylic POP displays. Acrylic displays are widely used in Jewelry, Watches, Fashion and Cosmetic industries. It becomes popular for Home decor and storagement in the recent years. We can see them often in Department stores, Convenient Stores, Pharmacy Stores and Shopping Malls. They are the best marketing tool to enhance your brand image, increace your sales and grow distributors.

POP Display Offered By Chinov

Chinov Display (Guangzhou Chinov Technology Co., Limited) is one of the most famous point of purchase display/ point of sale display manufacturer in Guangzhou. We supply various acrylic fabrication & retail store display fixtures for many domestic and global brands.

Chinov Display mainly produce POP displays and retail store fixtures that are mainly made from acrylic. Acrylic is lightweight and durable, perfect for any busy retail store display fixtures setting. It is generally colorless and has a smooth clean finish that displays your merchandise without detracting from it.

Point of purchase displays made from acrylic are sturdy and simple to keep clean, with little to no assembly required. Products take center stage when placed upon these affordable and secure displays. Many of the acrylic merchandise display options that we offer are clear and will blend in perfectly with any retail setting.

Buying Acrylic Displays From Chinov

Chinov is capable to manufacture all kinds of acrylic displays. No matter you’re in need of acrylic sign holders, acrylic frames, display shelves or cases, we take them all in control. Furthermore, our full lines of printing machines make you able to get a perfect effect of the LOGO. Our LED display production line are able to apply beautiful lightening effect to your displays.

Why Choose Chinov Display?

Based on high quality and positive customer’s feedback all the way along, Chinov is proud to be your resource for all kinds of marketing display items. We’ve been manufacturing top review acrylic displays, retail store displays & merchandising displays for over 15 years. We’re confident to be your prior supplier of point of purchase displays to help you earn the most from the market.

Call our customer service number +86 18588769978 now. No matter you’re in need of design for retail display, store display, product display or just a quotation, we’re always ready to serve. Our steady lead time is from 15 to 20 days, which is ahead of most of the other pop display manufacturers.

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