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Chinov Display (Guangzhou Chinov Technology Co., Limited) is one of the most famous POP display manufacturers in Guangzhou. We supply various acrylic fabrication & retail store display fixtures for many domestic and global brands. With years of development, our engineers and workers are very experienced in producing custom acrylic displays, acrylic POP displays & retail store display fixtures.

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We Offer The Best Retail Store Fixtures To Boost Your Sales

Chinov Display POP display manufacturers mainly produce acrylic displays. Acrylic is lightweight and durable, perfect for any busy retail store display fixtures setting. It is generally colorless and has a smooth clean finish that displays your merchandise without detracting from it. Displays are sturdy and simple to keep clean, with little to no assembly required. Products take center stage when placed upon these affordable and secure displays. Many of the acrylic merchandise display options that we offer are clear and will blend in perfectly with any retail setting.

Can’t see suitable acrylic displays? Don’t worry!

Chinov Display offers customization service to build unique custom acrylic displays for your brand!

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