Acrylic Display Case for Legos 40x40x45 Ships Flat

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Here is an updated description focusing on the 45cm height and ability to ship flat:

Showcase your epic Lego creations in this clear acrylic display case, sized at 40x40x45cm to accommodate large models or intricate landscapes.

The case features a detachable design, separating into individual panels that ship neatly stacked in a flat box to your door. This allows more affordable shipping for such a sizable display. Simple reassembly connects the panels securely using built-in hardware at the corners.

Crafted from 5mm thick acrylic plastic, the crystal clear material provides undistorted visibility of colors, patterns and special details from every angle. Panel edges have been smoothly polished for clean aesthetic lines.

Once assembled, the interior 40x40x45cm space gives your tallest Lego designs ample room to stand out prominently. Whether you built an architectural wonder, sci-fi spacescape or brick-built supercar, this case becomes the perfect transparent pedestal.

When the exhibition is over, the display breaks down just as easily for compact flat storage. So unleash your imagination with towering Lego creations, then ship and showcase them affordably in this flat-packing 40cm acrylic display case!


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