From Chinov Display, you can find the widest range of custom acrylic fabrication displays as above to fulfill various visual merchandising demands.

Common Acrylic Displays

New Acrylic Display Products

What is acrylic display?

Acrylic display is the most affordable and durable visual merchandising display. As a custom acrylic display manufacturer, Chinov Display has been providing the most cost-effective custom acrylic display products for retail store owners for years.

What are the features?

  • Made from 100% handcrafted-acrylic.
  • Strong enough for secondary-delivery.
  • Easy to maintain, portable to reposition, and long-lasting durable appearance.
  • 100% customizable with the dimensions, colors, appearance, thickness, and LOGO printing method.
  • Lighting acrylic display products are delivered with CE/ROHS/FCC certificates.

What about the functions of acrylic display?

  • Attract customers’ eyes at once.
  • Make your merchandise more outstanding.
  • Enhance your brand image.
  • Keep the merchandise clean and premium.
  • Save your expenses on renewing visual merchandising.

Know more features and applications of acrylic

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