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Product Description

Besides  choices of featured vape station, Chinov is a key manufacturer of acrylic vape display for many E-cigarettes brands from Europe and the USA too.

As a visual merchandising display tool, acrylic vape station has been popular among brand e-cigs stores. Why is it so popular?

  1. Acrylic vape stands are so flexible to be made into various styles, with many print options to meet your store interior design.
  2. As a new way to smoke, e-cigarette conveys the attitude and fashion elements to the consumers. That’s why all the e-cigarette brands always try to appear upper-scale and premium. Acrylic displays are widely used for high-value products, such as jewelry, watches, electronic products, etc. With an acrylic vape display, you can be sure of delivering a high-end brand image to your customers.
  3. The material of acrylic is very durable and strong. It is the best material to produce a point of purchase displays, counter-top cabinets for your e-cigarettes. The high clear feature of this material helps to highlight your product safely without occlusion.


  • Made from 100% handcrafted-acrylic.
  • Strong enough for secondary-delivery.
  • Beneficiary price with advanced R&D support.
  • Lighting vape stands are delivered with CE/ROHS/FCC certificates.


  • Attract customers’ eyes at once.
  • Make your target vaping products more outstanding.
  • Enhance your brand image.
  • Keep the vaping products clean and premium.


Vaping stores, vaping clubs, e-cigarette stores, exhibitions, e-liquid stores, and premium vape brands.

Service & Guarantee

  • Comprehensive customization service.
  • 1% extra products provided to release you from worry about any break or scratch.
  • 6 months factory warranty of repairing and polishing.
  • Additional accessories are provided if there is.
  • Any more support that you would need.

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Chinov has been manufacturing acrylic displays for over 15 years. We have been supplying high quality and cost effective acrylic stands & showcases globally. Please contact us now to discuss more!