Acrylic Eyewear Displays

Acrylic eyewear displays are very popular among eyewear stores. Chinov Display offers various designs of acrylic eyewear displays for optical displays and sunglasses display. We have countertop eyewear display cases, mirror acrylic eyewear POP displays, acrylic rotating eyewear displays, and acrylic slat-wall optical displays to meet the different target of your visual merchandising.

The only two effective locations to display sunglasses are the vertical and horizontal surfaces. Vertical surfaces are locations such as wall and flooring cabinets. Horizontal surfaces are locations include countertop and shelves.

Chinov has been manufacturing various acrylic sunglass displays to fulfill different visual merchandising demands.

  • Our countertop sunglass display, mirror POP sunglass display and rotating sunglass display all performs good either vertical or horizontal.
  • Our slat-wall sunglass display helps you to create a great wall surface display to get your sunglasses in good organization.

Creative visual merchandising can always attract the customer’s eyes. And quality displays will even show your customers why your sunglasses are worth to buy.


  • Delicate and strong material, not easy to bend.
  • Easy to carry, re-positioning and re-structuring.
  • A variety of options to custom the color, to give prominence to your sunglasses.


  • High flexibility. You can custom a display no matter where you’d like to display in your sunglasses store.
  • Show your sunglasses on single or multi-tier frame displays at a variety of angles to add drama to your offerings. Engages and inspires customers to make a purchase.
  • A custom eyewear display gives you personality, brings your products & merchandise to life, sets you apart from your competition.


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Service & Guarantee

  • Comprehensive customization service.
  • 1% extra products provided to release you from worry about any break or scratch.
  • 6 months factory warranty of repairing and polishing.
  • Additional accessories are provided if there is.
  • Any more support that you would need.