Acrylic fabrication is widely used for retail store shelves and displays. It is popular due to the benefits of the raw material. Acrylic fabrication is 17 times stronger than origin glass, very durable as permanent display fixtures. While the feature is so fine, the price is affordable too. Chinov Display makes a quotation based on raw material cost, machine maintenance, and workers’ handicraft cost. Price quoted in this way would maximumly reduce your expense on getting custom acrylic displays.

6 Things You Should Know About Acrylic Fabrication

How Acrylic Fabrication will improve your Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a creative way of attracting your consumer’s attention. While stores sometimes find it difficult to stand out from their competitors, you can depend on customized acrylic displays to make a unique statement, and showcase chosen stock items.

Acrylic fabrication come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and textures, layout and design. Your choice will reflect your stores uniqueness.

What makes acrylic so popular?

  • It is aesthetically appealing, contributing to your customer’s visual experience.
  • Heat and cold resistant and waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor use.
  • Strong and durable means a greater return on your investment.
  • Unrestricted malleability means that your imagination is your only limitation.
  • Light weight and therefore easy to move around.
  • Affordable and long lasting.

How does acrylic improve your visual merchandising?

Like Snow White in her glass casket, your displays will look so much more attractive when encased in an acrylic container of your choice.

Acrylic fabrication comes in sheets, tubes, rods and film; resembling glass without the latter’s weight or fragility. It can be formed into any clear, translucent shape. Blend your acrylic display with your store’s décor by adding color and texture – this effect will make your merchandise stand out even more.

Where can you use acrylic displays to enhance your visual merchandising?

  1. An appealing display at your point-of -purchase will showcase any stock item you choose from books to sweet treats to stationery, or any item you wish to promote.
  2. Design and have counters and cabinets built to transform your stock displays into an optical pleasure. Apparel appears to float in the store and no unsightly shelves block your customer’s view.
  3. Luxurious and expensive items can be displayed in lockable acrylic showcases adding an element of sophistication to your merchandise.
  4. Display clothing, shoes and jewelry in stand-alone acrylic cabinets without having to use mannequins.
  5. Its diversity and versatility makes acrylic ideal for designing unique installations for showcases, props, fixtures and window displays.

What about larger-scale visual merchandising options?

Build a room out of acrylic and invite your customers inside for a real look and feel experience. For example, Intel Experience @ Best Buy gives new meaning to hands-on by offering an acrylic room in some Best Buy stores, where customers can see, touch and play electronic devices using Intel components.

Use LED lights behind acrylic panels to add ambience and a soft glow throughout your store. The LED lights make the acrylic look like it is aglow and draws attention to specially highlighted items.

Acrylic displays reinforce proactive visual merchandising.

  • Step ahead of your competition; grow your brand beyond simple repetition.
  • Highlight sale products, draw attention to new items, and help customers identify individual sections of your store.
  • Inspire impulse shopping by customers who are intrigued by your unique displays.

You could use any other kind of material to create fixtures, shelves and cabinets throughout your store, but they are mostly dated and chunky and not nearly as visually appealing or versatile and fluid as acrylic. Create something that will mesmerize shoppers, promoting both your merchandise and your brand.

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