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Buy premium lucite hangers at wholesale prices for your boutique, clothing store or restaurant.

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Acrylic Hangers

Various Hooks Options Available to Meet Your Need

To match different styles of boutique visuals, we offer various options of hooks of wholesale acrylic hangers to fulfill your demand. You can choose different styles, colors, and lengths of the hooks on each product item page by selecting and adding them to the cart. 

What kinds of hooks are available for our acrylic hangers?

  • Styles: Round and square
  • Colors: Gold, chrome, black, rose gold, silver, gun black
  • Lengths: 10cm, 15cm, 20cm

Buy acrylic hangers with gold hooks or more options from Chinov Display is easy, simply click one of our listed hangers, select the hook you’d prefer, and fill in the order quantity you’d like, and our account manager will help you to process your order. 

If you can’t find the styles you like from our category, we also offer customization services for both the acrylic hangers and the hooks, to assure you to get what you want exactly.

Acrylic Top Hangers

Acrylic Bottom Hangers

Acrylic Hangers For Children

Acrylic Hangers For Accessories

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Premium Acrylic Hangers to Enhance Your Boutique Visual and Boost Sales



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Engraving your LOGO to these beautiful acrylic hangers to showcase your brand. 


Looking for unique, high-quality hangers tailored to your brand’s aesthetic?

CHINOV DISPLAY specializes in manufacturing premium acrylic hangers customized to your exact specifications! Choose your desired shape, style, and thickness (ranging from 10mm to 20mm), and take it up a notch with our specialized LOGO engraving and printing options! Make it clear, matte clear, or SPRING to life with UV printing for colorful logos. At CHINOV DISPLAY, we’ve got your brand hang up sorted.

Don’t wait any longer! Get in touch at to let us know what you’re envisioning for your unique, top-of-the-line acrylic hangers. Let CHINOV DISPLAY bring your vision to life. Don’t just hang there, reach out today!

Submit the form below to tell us what you need. Our account manager will be in touch with you within 12 hours. 

The Best Hanger for Boutiques and Clothes Stores

As a boutique owner, you invest heavily in creating a unique collection and curating pieces that reflect your style and brand. The hangers you choose play an important role in attracting customers to your garments, keeping inventory organized, and maintaining the quality of your clothing over time. However, not all hangers are created equal. Acrylic hangers offer significant advantages for boutiques that no other material can match.

Made from high-impact acrylic resin, acrylic hangers are as beautiful as they are functional. Their clear and flawless material showcases your garments at their best while also being exceptionally durable. Acrylic hangers are modular, space-efficient, and budget-friendly. They suit any item in your boutique, from the most delicate pieces to heavier coats, and are designed to display clothing in the most flattering way. 

Discover why acrylic hangers should be a boutique’s top choice and how they maximize your investment in creating a memorable customer experience. Everything from their ability to highlight shapes and details to their longevity and affordability points to acrylic hangers as the superior solution for retail display and organization. Your garments and customers deserve nothing less.

Learn more about why we believe acrylic hangers are essential fixtures in any stylish boutique. Once you experience their benefits firsthand, your search for the ideal boutique hanger will begin and end here. Style, functionality and affordability –  acrylic hangers flawlessly embody all three.

Key Benefits for Boutiques to Use Acrylic Hangers

Space Efficient Wholesale Acrylic Hangers


Acrylic hangers are lightweight yet durable, allowing you to hang more garments in less space. Their modular design also allows multiple pieces to be hung on a single hanger. This is useful for maximizing display space.

Acrylic Shirt Hangers

Shows off garments

The clear acrylic material highlights the shape and details of garments. Clothing is visible from all sides, allowing customers to see your products at a glance. This can help with merchandising and styling outfits.

Long-Lasting Acrylic Cloth Hangers


High-quality acrylic hangers are resistant to wear and tear and last through many uses. They don’t bend, warp, rust or damage like wire or wooden hangers can. This allows them to be used for many seasons without replacement.

Buy Affoadable Acrylic Hangers in Bulk


Acrylic hangers are budget-friendly, especially when buying in bulk. Boutiques can buy large quantities at lower cost, saving money compared to other hanger options. The long lifespan also means reduced replacement costs.

Acrylic Hangers

Suitable for all clothing

With different shapes and sizes, acrylic hangers can be used to hang anything from delicate camisoles and blouses to heavy jackets and pants. The right hanger for the garment helps clothing retain its shape and prevents damage.

Compared to Other Hanger Types

Wooden hangers look high-end but can warp, stain and damage clothing. They take up more space and are more pricey.

Wire or thin metal hangers are cheap but also damage clothing and take up more space. They easily bend and break under stress.

Thick padded hangers prevent slippage but take up far more room and don’t display clothing as well. They cost significantly more, especially for bulk use.

Velvet hangers prevent slippage but attract dust and look worn over time. They also hide more of the garment, don’t last as long and cost more than acrylic.

Overall, acrylic hangers offer significant benefits for boutiques over other options. They maximize space, highlight garments, save your money, last longer and work for all types of clothing. With the right styles, acrylic hangers are an ideal choice for displaying and organizing boutique inventory in an attractive yet affordable manner. They strike the best balance between functionality, aesthetics and budget.

For a boutique, acrylic hangers are the superior hanger type due to their unique combination of benefits that suit retail display and long-term use. No other hanger material compares for balancing visibility, space efficiency, preservation of clothing and cost-effectiveness like high-quality acrylic. For an optimal solution, acrylic hangers should be considered a boutique’s top choice. 


Acrylic hangers can be durable, but it depends on the thickness and quality of the acrylic material. Some things to consider:

  • Thicker acrylic, like 1/4 inch or more, tends to be quite durable and can last for many years. Hangers made from thinner acrylic, especially very lightweight and cheap ones, may break or crack more easily under the weight of heavier clothes.
  • Reinforced or structured acrylic is best. Acrylic that has ribbing or support bars built in will have more strength and support. Hangers made from a solid piece of flat acrylic sheet can bend or become misshapen over time.
  • Higher quality acrylic is less prone to scratching, clouding or discoloring. Acrylic from reputable brands made of acrylic resin that is meant for retail display purposes will typically last longer. Cheaper acrylic may develop surface scratches that damage the appearance.
  • Proper loading and weight limits matter. While acrylic hangers can hold a fair amount of weight, it is still best not to overload them or hang anything too heavy like towels, bags or really bulky jackets on tiny acrylic clips. This will cause them to break.
  • Anti-slip features help. Acrylic hangers with molded shoulders, clips or pads that provide grip can prevent slippage that leads to falls and potential breakage. Slip-free features also protect your clothes.
  • Avoid dropping or rough handling. While acrylic is impact-resistant, dropping a hanger repeatedly or handling it too roughly can weaken and damage the material over time.

So in summary, high quality thick acrylic hangers with reinforced support and anti-slip features, that are properly loaded and cared for, should serve well and last for many years. Cheaper or mishandled acrylic hangers will be more prone to cracking or breaking. But when used responsibly, acrylic can be an extremely durable choice. 

The clear acrylic hangers made by Chinov Display are at least 10mm/0.4″ thick. The thickest transparent hanger reaches 55mm/2.17″ thick. The raw material we use for producing is 100% new cast plexiglass, which is considered as the top level quality in the market.

With such thickness and structure, they’re not able to be bent, no matter you’re using it for displaying lightweight clothes like shirts or trouser, or heavyweight garments like wedding dresses, coat or jacket. We’ve got various options of design for you to choose. Not matter you’re looking for buying acrylic hangers with notches or without, slip-proof or reinforced with a built-in bar, they’re ready for you to choose. 

By using our acrylic hangers in your boutiques, fashion clothes stores or personal closet, you’re having the top-graded space for showcasing your elegant aesthetic and fashionable taste. 

Acrylic hangers can potentially damage clothes in some situations, but there are steps you can take to minimize damage:

  • Sharp edges – Cheaper acrylic hangers sometimes have sharp edges that can snag fabrics and cause small tears. Look for high quality hangers with smooth, rounded edges and corners. It’s also a good idea to occasionally inspect the hanger for any rough spots along the edges that need to be filed down.
  • Slippage – Lightweight or slippery acrylic hangers may cause clothes to slide off and drop to the floor, leading to creases that are hard to remove. Use hangers with non-slip padding, grip or clips to securely hold clothing in place.
  • Excessive pressure points – Hangers that are too narrow for the item of clothing can create pressure points that cause indentations. Use proper size hangers for each garment. Padded hangers help distribute weight more evenly to avoid pressure points.
  • Lighter clothing – Delicate fabrics like silk or lace may be marked by the ridge lines or patterns on the surface of some acrylic hangers, especially if they are tucked tightly into the hanger. Use padded or flocked acrylic hanger for lighter, more fragile clothing.
  • Heavier items – Acrylic hangers can bend or even crack under the weight of bulkier clothing like heavy coats, causing damage. Ensure acrylic hangers are reinforced or designed to properly support heavier garments. As an alternative, wooden or aluminum hangers work well for heavier pieces too.
  • Extreme heat or cold – Exposure to very high or low temperatures can cause acrylic to become brittle, increasing the likelihood of cracks that then damage clothes. Don’t use acrylic hangers in attics, garages or other areas where temperatures are extreme.

By choosing acrylic hangers appropriate for the item of clothing, avoiding cheap hangers with sharp edges or slippage concerns, and preventing exposure to extreme heat or cold, acrylic hangers are unlikely to cause any damage or marks to clothing during regular use. Proper care and handling should minimize risks. But for some particularly heavy or fragile clothing, wooden or padded hangers may still be a safer choice.

Our invisible acrylic hangers are designed for displaying in your high-end closet. The edges of the hangers are fine-polished. You can use them to display any of your favorite clothes with ease, and without being worried of the items being damaged. Most of our clear hangers have notches on the shoulders, to provide slip-proof function and protect your clothes from being dropped off to the ground.  Buy them to display heavy clothes like coats, jackets, suits or wedding dress, light clothes like silks, shirts, or more, our acrylic hangers with proper sizes are the ideal hanger you’re looking for.

Acrylic hangers work well for hanging many types of clothing, especially:

  • Shirts and blouses – Acrylic hangers with molded shoulders are ideal for keeping topwear wrinkle-free. The clear acrylic allows shirts to be seen at a glance.
  • Suits and jackets – Wide acrylic suit hangers or padded hangers prevent creases in jackets and blazers. Look for size appropriate hangers for the best fit.
  • Dresses – Use wider hangers with a bar shape for dresses and gowns. The clear acrylic won’t detract from or hide the design and shape of the dress.
  • Lightweight outerwear – Rain slickers, light casual jackets and other lightweight coats can be hung on reinforced acrylic hangers or ones designed for outerwear. Heavier coats may require a sturdier option.
  • Scarves and accessories – Colorful scarves, belts, neckties and other accessories look great on display using slimline acrylic hangers. Multiple pieces can be hung on a single hanger.
  • Skirts – Clip-on acrylic skirt hangers, or hangers with clips added, provide a simple solution for hanging skirts. The skirt is securely held in place without bulk.
  • Pants – Pants hangers with clips or bars can be used to properly fold and hang pants of any type. Look for space-efficient designs that allow multiple pairs of pants to be hung on a single hanger.
  • Camisoles and undergarments – Use small space-saving hangers for hanging delicate undergarments. The open and breathable acrylic prevents damage or marking to fabrics.
  • Bags – Large acrylic hangers or hooks are great for hanging handbags, tote bags or other non-clothing items. Group them by color or style for eye-catching display.

Acrylic hangers also make ideal space-saving hangers for use in closets or retail display. Their durable yet lightweight and modular nature means you can hang more items in less space while keeping everything visible and within easy reach. With a range of styles, acrylic hangers offer solutions for hanging nearly any type of clothing or accessory. 

If you’re looking to buy acrylic hangers, there are many options to choose from. Here are some of the best places to shop for high quality acrylic hangers:

Online retailers like Amazon, eBay and Etsy offer a wide selection of acrylic hangers from various brands. You’ll find everything from basic shirt hangers to space-saving multi-garment hangers. Look for highly-rated brands known for durable and well-made acrylic hangers. These retailers also frequently run sales and promotions to help you save.

Specialty home organization stores like The Container Store and Solutions also carry acrylic hanger options, especially useful for pants, scarves and handbags. These stores stand behind the quality of their products, but their hangers may come at a higher price point.

For affordable and convenient solutions, you can also check major mass retailers like Walmart, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. While they may have a more limited range, you can often find great deals on essential acrylic shirt and skirt hangers.

If you’re looking for a supplier for your clothing boutique or retail store, consider a wholesale acrylic hanger manufacturer and distributor like Chinov Display. We specialized in producing high-quality acrylic hangers with the following superior features:

  • Thick and durable 3/8” acrylic that holds garments steadily and prevents bending
  • Fine-polished edges for a smooth finish that won’t snag or damage fabrics
  • Affordable pricing enabling the most cost-effective solutions for your business
  • Bulk quantity options as well as mixed packs for all your needs
  • Reinforced bases on wide hangers and non-slip pads on shirt hangers to keep clothes in place
  • Custom LOGO engraving or silk-printing services are available for building your private brand
  • Specific customization for the shape of acrylic hangers are available with design or sample provided

An established company focused on acrylic hangers for over 15 years, Chinov Display is dedicated to providing the best value acrylic hanger solutions to boutiques, garment stores and other retailers. For wholesale inquiries, you can contact us at or by emailing to Your inquiries will be replied within a day. 

Overall, from major retailers to specialty suppliers, there are many great options for finding high-quality yet affordable acrylic hangers for your needs. Look for a reputable company that offers the range of styles, features and pricing that suits your requirements. With the right acrylic hangers, you’ll achieve durable and space-efficient storage solutions. 

Here are some tips for choosing the right acrylic hangers:

  • Choose the proper thickness. For lightweight to mediumweight clothing, 3mm to 6mm thick acrylic hangers work well and are budget-friendly. For heavier items like coats, go with at least 1/4 inch thick acrylic which is more durable. Very thin acrylic under 3mm can bend and break easily under strain.
  • Consider the shape. For shirts and dresses, contoured hangers with a rounded shape at the shoulders will hold clothing in place best. Angled hangers are good for pants. Width of the hanger should match the item – narrow for camisoles, wide for suits.
  • Check for anti-slip features. Molded shoulders, clips and non-slip pads help prevent fabrics from sliding off the hanger. This is important for silky or strappy clothing. For pants, look for hangers with secure clips or bars.
  • Choose padded or flocked for delicates. If hanging lightweight or fragile pieces like lace or silk, padded or flocked acrylic hangers will grip fabrics well without causing damage. The padding also helps distribute weight evenly.
  • Consider multifunctional hangers. Hangers with multiple clips, bars and straps allow you to hang a combination of pieces together, great for maximizing closet space. But ensure they are properly sized for all the items you want to hang.
  • Look for smooth edges. Cheap acrylic hangers often have sharp edges that can snag and pill fabrics. Higher quality acrylic hangers will have finely buffed edges. Run your hand along the edges to check they are smooth.
  • Buy reinforced or structured. For the most durable acrylic hangers, choose ones with support rods built into the vertical sides, or a reinforced crossbar for hanging. These provide extra strength to prevent bending under the weight of garments.
  • Group by purpose. Buying a variety pack of acrylic hangers means you have the right hanger for each garment. Look for packs that group similar hangers together, like sets of padded hangers for shirts, wide suit hangers and multiple skirt clip hangers.
  • Check weight ratings. If you need to hang very heavy clothing like denim jackets or coats, check that the acrylic hangers specifically state a maximum weight they can support to avoid damage to either the hanger or your clothes.

By following these tips, you’ll choose acrylic hangers that properly suit your needs, provide lasting support for your wardrobe and prevent any issues like slippage, creases or breakage due to improper loading or sizing. Well-designed acrylic hangers that match your intended use will serve you well for years to come.

The width of a hanger can vary depending on its design and purpose. However, the standard width of a traditional clothes hanger is approximately 16 to 18 inches (40 to 46 centimeters). This width is commonly used for hanging shirts, blouses, and jackets. It’s important to note that there are different types of hangers available for various items of clothing, such as pants, skirts, or suits, and their widths may differ accordingly. Additionally, specialty hangers for specific purposes or garments may have different dimensions.

Chinov Display mainly offers acrylic hangers with the below widths:

43 cm/17″: this is the size for hanging men’s clothes, shirts, wedding dresses, nightdresses, coats, jackets, or suits. 

38.5 cm/15.2″: this is the most popular width for hanging women’s clothes, shirts, dresses, etc. 

34.5 cm, 32 cm28 cm26 cm: these are sizes for hanging pants, skirts, shorts, underwears and children’s clothes. 

By clicking the different number of the width, you can fastly access the items accordingly.

Our acrylic hangers can be used to display different types of clothes, including: 

Women’s Clothes

Men’s Clothes

Children’s Clothes




Clothes Accessories

Pets’ Clothes

By clicking the clothes type above, you can fastly access the according items for them. 

  1. Dress hangers: To hold and accommodate all sorts of dress types, summer dresses, night dresses, casual or elegant, fancy or simple.
  2. Pants hangers: To hold and display pants, jeans, shorts and anything of the like in your fashion store.
  3. Skirt hangers: For displaying of all sorts of skirts and similar clothing apparel in your fashion boutique. They’re the same items to display pants. 
  4. Children’s clothing hangers: To help display any sort of children’s clothing from little dresses to pants, t-shirts, blouses, coats and so on and so forth.
  5. Suit hangers: To hold, organize and show off pairs of suits before your client.
  6. Coat hangers: To display and hold all types and styles of coats, which are perfect for displaying coats in any window display case or around your retail store.
  7. Lingerie hangers: For the display of a more special and chic category of apparel, lingerie, underwear, swimsuits and anything of the kind!


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