Acrylic Jewelry Display

Acrylic jewelry display helps catch your target customer’s attention. Acrylic jewelry displays are even a plus to make your jewelry more upper-scale. If you want more profit from jewelry, don’t save money on jewelry displays. Why? The way how you present your product tells the value. When you use premium custom jewelry displays, you’re telling your customer that your product is unique, upper-scale, and high value. Vice-versa. But it doesn’t mean you should spend a lot on acrylic jewelry displays. On the contrary, due to the sturdy feature of acrylic, you can change your store interior layout often without renewing the displays.


  • 100% high clear, transparent appearance.
  • High density, sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to customize various style, combined with different structures.
  • Compatible with many different printing methods.


  • Catch the target customer’s attention.
  • Showcase jewelry in good order without distracting their presentation.
  • Perfect to put on the counter top for front display, side display, and merchandise grouping.
  • Keep the jewelry clean and upper-scale.
  • Make your target merchandise more outstanding.


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Chinov’s Service & Guarantee

  • Comprehensive customization service.
  • 1% extra products provided to release you from worry about any break or scratch.
  • 6 months factory warranty of repairing and polishing.
  • Additional accessories are provided if there is.
  • Any more support that you would need.

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