Acrylic Lego Storage Case 35x35x35 cm Detachable

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Here is an updated description for your 35x35x35cm acrylic Lego display case product:

This clear acrylic case provides a perfect display solution for your special Lego creations. Measuring 35x35x35 cm, it offers ample space for medium to large Lego sets.

The detachable design allows for easy access to your model – simply remove the top panel or base to place your Lego creation inside. Four connector pieces located at the corners securely hold the three panels together while allowing you to disassemble the case with ease.

Expertly crafted from 5mm thick acrylic plastic, this display case is durable yet lightweight. The transparent, crystal clear material allows colors and details of your Lego build to shine through beautifully from every angle without obstruction. Edges have been smoothly polished for a sleek, seamless look.

Whether you want to showcase an architectural Lego landmark or a intricately designed spaceship model, this acrylic case helps present your Lego masterpiece in a clean, protective display. Its flat base provides stable placement on any desktop or shelving. However, please note that this detachable case is not intended for wall mounting purposes.

Let your imagination run wild as you fill this sizable 35x35x35cm block with your best Lego designs!

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