Acrylic Products To Replace Ordinary Glass


If there is a thing gladden the heart and please the eye in the world, it must be various light boxes made from acrylic products on the street.

When we talk about the colorful light boxes, we will have to talk about its raw material–acrylic.

Glass is one of the first things that we come into connection with and it seems that transparent products are generally made of glass.

We have never thought that acrylic products will eliminate glass. Maybe the reason is that the acrylic product is an updated version to avoid the disadvantages of glass. Why does acrylic products become popular? Here we will show you the main reasons why acrylic can be a replacement for glass.

High transparency

high transparency acrylic flower box

The light transmittance of acrylic is more than 92% while the ordinary glass is only 85%. Even the dyed acrylic reflects glitteringly and translucently in the sunshine.

Excellent insulation effect

clear digital acrylic case box shell

Acrylic has a very excellent insulation effect, it’s can be found in the use of some very small components insulator in many electronic products such as tablets, computers, mobile phones, computers, audio, television, and other products. You can see it if you pay attention to the maintenance of electronic products.

Strong weatherability

outdoor acrylic signage

Acrylic performs very well in any kind of weather. Even the extremely cold weather or exposed hot weather will not make it fragile or yellowing, which makes it a durable product to clean and maintain.

You may pay attention to the street light boxes, billboards, and curbside lampshades after work. The mast of them are made from acrylic materials and they are with very long service life. Because acrylic materials are stable and portable. If the light box is making of common glass, think about it, people are walking under it every day. If it fell down, that will be a very terror.


recycling acrylic

Acrylic is very environmentally friendly and we can use it repeatedly. We may often encounter such familiar scenes: when a glass cup is broken, what we do is to take the broom and pour the shards into the trash; when we are moving house, it turns to be a difficulty to get the glass products moved because it is heavy and inconvenient. However, if they are made from acrylic, we are free from worries.

High flexibility

bending acrylic

Acrylic can make many things. Acrylic material is kind of lighter than general glass, it is not complicated to do the cutting and processing either, and this is why acrylic products can fits almost all kind of customized needs in various industries. We can find acrylic products in many places; they appear to be cosmetics displays, photo frames and watches stands, or windows for airplanes, visual merchandising furniture, or aquarium.

Strong impact resistance

Strong impact resistance acrylic

The resistance of acrylic is 20 times higher than that of ordinary glass, which has been tested for many times in many experiments. A standard American M16 assault rifle cannot break through the acrylic and injure the target when a certain thickness of acrylic material is placed in front of the test protective body. This is why acrylic is widely used as a bulletproof material in many political leaders’ special cars.

Strong corrosion resistance

Strong corrosion resistance acrylic

Acrylic is a highly strong corrosion resistant material; it is no exaggeration that even strong sulfuric acid cannot hurt the surface of acrylic at all.

It is no doubt that people prefer acrylic instead of glass with such many advantages. With the development of technology, acrylic will be used in much more area in the near future.

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