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Create Professional Business Signage with Chinov’s Acrylic Display Sign Holder

Acrylic is quickly becoming the preferred material for business sign holders. With its crystal clear optics, modern aesthetic, and durability, acrylic enables companies to display signage that commands attention. Chinov Display offers a wide selection of top-quality acrylic tabletop sign holders to elegantly showcase your branding and messaging.

Our acrylic sign holders are crafted from durable, shatter-resistant cast acrylic that provides long-lasting performance. The holders feature stylish beveled edges and provide a distortion-free view of your printed sign inserts. Chinov Display’s bulk acrylic holders come in a variety of convenient sizes and mounting options to fit your brand’s needs.

Display Specials in Custom Chinov Acrylic Menu Holders

Restaurants and cafes can showcase daily specials in eye-catching style with Chinov’s acrylic menu holders. Designed for tabletop or wall use, these holders neatly display printed menus behind ultra-clear 1/8 inch acrylic. Choose from standard horizontal or vertical holders or inquire about custom sizes and shapes. With Chinov quality acrylic menu holders highlighting your specials, you’ll attract more hungry customers.

Promote Sales with Chinov Acrylic Brochure Holders

Get your marketing materials noticed with Chinov modern acrylic brochure holders perfect for retail stores, trade shows, and lobbies. Available in countertop and wall mount styles, Chinov acrylic holders securely display promotional brochures, pamphlets, and flyers. Our holders shield delicate paper from damage while the crystal clear acrylic showcases contents beautifully. Choose from standard sizes or inquire about custom fabricating signage to fit your space.

Save Spaces by Our Wall-mounted Acrylic Sign Holder

Maximize your space without compromising visibility with our Wall-mounted Acrylic Sign Holders! At CHINOV DISPLAY, we understand the value of space, especially in high-traffic areas. That’s why we’ve crafted our sign holders in bulk with a sleek, wall-mounted design to effectively display your important information or promotions while preserving valuable floor space. Simple to install, effortlessly stylish, and built to last, these sign holders provide maximum visibility with a minimal footprint. Opt for CHINOV DISPLAY’s Wall-mounted Acrylic Sign Holders and transform your cluttered space into an organized visual treat!

Make the Most with Our 8.5 x 11 Sign Holder Stand

Ensure your message gets the attention it deserves with our 8.5 x 11 sign holder stand. The CHINOV DISPLAY 8.5 x 11 acrylic frame is designed to perfectly accommodate standard letter-sized visuals, making it an ideal solution for showcasing promotional information, menu offerings, or event announcements. With the 8.5 x 11 acrylic display prominently positioned in your business space, your messaging instantly becomes more engaging!

Our wholesale 8.5 x 11 sign holder stand, expertly crafted from high-quality and durable materials, ensures that your message gets noticed and remains pristine over time. Additionally, our 8.5 x 11 plastic sign holder is an affordable, secure, and easy-to-update solution for your display needs. Make the most of your marketing and display efforts with our versatile and durable 8.5 x 11 sign holder stand.

Depend on Chinov for premium quality acrylic sign holders purpose-built for business. Browse our online catalog or contact Chinov Display today to find the ideal acrylic sign holder solutions.

The Benefits of using Acrylic Sign Holders

  • Acrylic is 3x more impact resistant than glass and 10x more impact resistant than polystyrene

(Research from Evonik Industries)

  • Acrylic sign holders can withstand 120 degrees F of temperature exposure without warping, whereas polystyrene warps at just 70 degrees F

(Per Piedmont Plastics)

  • Acrylic loses only about 8% of its strength and impact resistance over 30 years, while many clear plastics degrade quicker

(Evonik Industries)

  • Acrylic transmits 92% of visible light, providing near perfect optical clarity for enclosed signs

(Data from Covestro)

  • Static cling effects can be 400% stronger on acrylic compared to glass, allowing better adhesive strength for changeable sign inserts

(Covestro testing)

  • In retail settings, sign holders with printed promotional messages can increase sales of that item by up to 300%, compared to non-signage displays

(Research by Nielsen)

  • A study found directional signage reduced average customer search time in stores by 35%, enhancing the shopping experience

(Research from Manufacturing & Service Operations Mgmt)

  • Acrylic sign holders are up to 50% lighter than glass counterparts of the same size, reducing mounting requirements

(Based on material density data)

The most popular display solution to fit your business

Displaying professional, eye-catching signage is key for businesses, events, schools, and more. Finding attractive, functional sign holders can take basic signage to the next level. This is where acrylic sign holders shine.

Acrylic is quickly becoming the most popular material for sign holders, and for good reason. With its crystal clear transparency, durable yet lightweight construction, and ability to be fabricated in diverse shapes and sizes, acrylic sign holders are:

  • Versatile – Useful in endless indoor and outdoor applications
  • Customizable – Can be made to specific shapes and dimensions
  • Durable – Resist cracking and fading for long-lasting use
  • Visually Appealing – Allow crisp, unobstructed view of contents
  • Affordable – Budget-friendly compared to other clear materials

Our acrylic sign holders are commonly used by

  • Retail stores – Acrylic sign holders allow retail stores to display pricing, sales, and promotional signage in a sleek, professional manner. They are commonly used in apparel shops, department stores, grocery stores, and more.
  • Restaurants – Restaurants often use acrylic sign holders to display daily specials, happy hour deals, and to label menu sections. They provide a clean, unobtrusive way to inform customers.
  • Trade show vendors – Companies renting booth space at trade shows and conventions frequently use acrylic sign displays. They allow vendors to prominently display the company name and key messaging.
  • Offices – Acrylic sign holders are popular in offices for wayfinding signage, labeling conference rooms, cubicles, and displaying employee names/titles on desks.
  • Schools – Schools use acrylic sign holders for lab safety instructions, classroom rules, wayfinding directions, and hall passes.
  • Museums & galleries – Museums often use acrylic sign holders next to exhibits to share details and descriptions with visitors.
  • Event planners – Wedding planners, event venues, and other event coordinators use sign holders for directional signage, table numbers, menus, and more.

Chinov Display is your resource for premium acrylic sign holders. Browse our extensive collection of wall mounts, counter displays, framed holders, and more. You’ll find the perfect solution for retail store sign holder, restaurant menu display holder, event displays, office document display stand, school signage, and much more.

See how our plexiglass sign holders can elevate your business’s or organization’s visual presentation while protecting your important signage. Contact us today to find the ideal options for your specific needs and settings. Our team is ready to help you display your signage in the most professional way possible.

The Manufacturing Process


Acrylic sign holders are clear plastic frames designed to hold and display signs, posters, prints, menus, and other business or personal signage. They typically consist of two pieces of acrylic plastic that sandwich the sign, keeping it upright and visible behind a transparent surface. 

Lucite sign display have many great uses:

  • Retail stores often use them to display sales signs, daily specials, pricing information, and promotional posters. The clear acrylic allows the sign designs and graphics to show clearly.
  • Restaurants and cafes might use acrylic menu holders at the entrance or on tables to showcase their offerings. They keep menus clean and organized.
  • Events like conferences and weddings use acrylic holders on tables for schedule signs, directional signs, seating charts, and more.
  • Businesses use acrylic sign frames on doors or walls for hours of operation, welcome/registration signs, and name plaques.
  • Schools and churches rely on acrylic holders for room numbers, bulletins, and other informational displays around their buildings.
  • Realtors place acrylic open house signs outdoors to direct traffic. The acrylic withstands weather better than paper signs alone.
  • Crafters and DIYers like using acrylic holders for displaying homemade art, quotes, and decor signs around the home.

With many sizes, shapes, and designs available, transparent acrylic frames are a versatile way to display signage professionally in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their clear plastic frame protects and stabilizes signs without hiding contents.

Acrylic is a popular material for sign holders because it offers benefits that many other materials cannot match. Unlike paper, acrylic provides structure and support to keep signs upright and visible. Compared to wood frames, acrylic holders are more versatile for indoor/outdoor use and resist warping over time. Acrylic also looks more modern and sleek than bulkier metal frames.

The transparent plastic allows the full sign design and graphics to be seen clearly, rather than being obscured by the frame. This visibility makes acrylic ideal for displaying menus, schedules, business hours, and any sign where details need to stand out. Acrylic also doesn’t easily shatter like real glass holders.

While acrylic carries a higher upfront cost than some materials, it is extremely durable and long-lasting when cared for properly. Acrylic holders can withstand sun, moisture, and continual handling without fading or degrading over many years. This makes the investment worthwhile for businesses and organizations wanting professional, low-maintenance sign displays.

With its appealing clarity, durability, and versatility, acrylic is a popular material choice for anyone seeking polished, customizable sign holders fit for both indoor and outdoor use. The plastic material outperforms many other options when key factors like visibility, longevity and aesthetics are considered.

Here are some best practices and techniques for effectively displaying signage in acrylic sign holders:

  • Illuminate holders where possible – Use ambient lighting or install dedicated lighting above or behind sign holders to illuminate the contents. This enhances visibility.
  • Place at eye level – Mount sign holders at average eye level (around 5 feet high) for optimal viewing. Avoid positioning too high or low.
  • Allow breathing room – Don’t overstuff holders with multiple signs. Allow for some open space around contents for clean presentation.
  • Keep signage simple – The most effective signs use minimal text and clean fonts. Avoid cluttered, wordy signage.
  • Use projectors – For frequently changing menu/promotion signs, use acrylic holders with integrated projectors to display digital signage.
  • Print on both sides – When appropriate, print double-sided inserts to display more information to passersby.
  • Change seasonally – Rotate signage periodically to keep displays fresh and reflect seasonal offerings or messages.
  • Go vertical – Utilize vertical space by mounting tall, narrow holders on walls, columns, etc.
  • Map user flow – Position directional wayfinding signage strategically along typical user pathways and traffic areas.
  • Mind the details – Ensure framed holders have properly secured backing, quality matting materials, and crystal clear acrylic.

Following basic signage best practices allows businesses to maximize acrylic sign holders for professional, functional displays.

Here are some common methods for mounting or hanging acrylic sign holders on walls:

  • Screws – Screwing directly through the back of the sign holder into the wall is a secure mounting method. Use wall anchors if needed.
  • Adhesive – Industrial strength double-sided tape or adhesive can attach acrylic holders to smooth surfaces.
  • Rail system – Some sign holders come with integrated hanging rails or tracks to simply slide onto rails mounted on the wall.
  • Slots – Sign holders with rear routing slots can slide right onto headed screws, bolts or hooks pre-installed on the wall.
  • Channels – Extruded acrylic holders may have back channels to mount onto special channel-shaped rails or brackets.
  • Magnet – Attaching steel magnet strips onto walls and corresponding magnets onto the sign holder allows a removable mount.
  • Clamp – Sign holder frames with a back clamp system can securely grip shelves, pipes, poles, etc.
  • Clip – Spring-loaded clip brackets grip onto thinner display materials like wire racks, pegboards, slatwall displays, etc.
  • Stand-off – Small stand-off mounts screw into the wall and allow sign holders to hang on via a slotted back.
  • Hook & loop – Adhesive Velcro strips stick onto walls and sign holder backs for easy removable mounting.

The optimal mounting method depends on the sign holder style, the weight of the contents, and the wall surface material. Properly installed, acrylic sign holders can mount securely and safely using various techniques.

Chinov Display is an experet in manufacturing a variaty styles of acrylic sign holders. Contact us now for any customization demand of acrylic sign displays for your stores. Our account manager will guide you how to place an order!

Here are some tips for properly cleaning acrylic sign holders:

– Use only mild, non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid ammonia, alcohol, or solvent-based products as they can damage the acrylic surface.

– Warm water mixed with a small amount of mild dish soap works well for most cleaning purposes.

– Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with the cleaning solution and gently wipe down the acrylic.

– Never use paper towels or abrasive pads, as they can scratch the acrylic. A microfiber cloth is recommended.

– Rinse the surface with clean water after cleaning to remove any residue.

– For signs of grease/oil, isopropyl alcohol can be used sparingly on small areas, then rinsed.

– Use a plastic scraper or credit card to carefully remove any decals, tape or adhesives. Avoid metal scrapers.

– For heavy dirt, a mildly acidic cleaner like vinegar or ammonia-free glass cleaner can be used. Test on small area first.

– Completely dry the sign holder after cleaning to prevent water spots. You can use a hair dryer on a low setting.

– Displayed paper signs may be cleaned by carefully removing and wiping down with a damp cloth.

With proper care using non-abrasive cleaners and soft cloths, acrylic sign holders can be kept clean and maintained for long-lasting use. Follow these tips to keep sign holders looking crystal clear.

Custom Acrylic Sign Holder

See How Chinov Acrylic Sign Holders Can Elevate Your Business Displays

Chinov Display offers a vast selection of affordable, custom-fabricated acrylic sign holders to showcase your brand in the most professional manner. Our team has decades of experience crafting premium quality acrylic holders designed for versatility, clarity, and durability.

To find the perfect acrylic sign holders for your business needs:

  • Browse our catalog of over 100 acrylic holder options
  • Chat with a Chinov signage expert to discuss your specific application
  • Request a custom quote for unique sizes, shapes or branding
  • Ask about our fast turnaround and rush production services

We make it easy to create polished, eye-catching acrylic sign holders that establish a consistent brand image across your locations. Contact Chinov Display today via phone, email, or online chat to inquire about our diverse sign holder solutions. Improve your visual presentations with superior Chinov acrylic holders!