Acrylic sign holders can be used both for interior and exterior display. Sign holders generally come with two pieces of acrylic boards with standoffs or acrylic base. We can put paper, poster or photos into the acrylic sign holders.

Besides single-sided acrylic sign holder, we can make multi-sided acrylic sign stands, or sign stand with a card holder or brochure holder. The advanced design makes it very convenient for us to change the content of the signage very often.

As you know, one of the most important visual merchandising technics is to change your store displays regularly. To display with these durable acrylic sign holders is the most economical but effective way to help you boost store sales.

Types of Acrylic Sign Holders

Acrylic Brochure Holders

acrylic brochure holdersAlso known as cardholders. It’s one of your must-have display merchandise. Besides poster or promotional paper, we can also put some business name cards, VIP cards, or brochures in the pocket.

Acrylic Poster Stands

acrylic poster standsAcrylic Poster stand is universal to be placed in anywhere of your store. We could make it smaller for tabletop usage, or make it bigger as a floor signage stand. Poster stands work well as outdoor sign holders too.

Acrylic Frame Sign Holders

acrylic frame sign holderThe acrylic Frame sign holder is the most portable tool to display promotional info. It is one type of retail sign holder, but it can also be sold as photo frames. Furthermore, it is a great gift for local and exhibition marketing.

Acrylic Easels

acrylic easelsAcrylic easels could perform well both for expansion display or window display. It’s flexible on the positioning. We can place it to anywhere as we like to create a different visual merchandising effect.

Multi-Sided Acrylic Sign Holders

Multi-sided Acrylic Sign HolderBesides single-sided sign holder, multi-sided sign holders play an important role in delivering additional information to the visitors too. It is a useful marketing display either for exhibition or retail stores.

Rotating Acrylic Sign Holders

Rotating Acrylic Sign HolderRotating is a plus function for all kinds of sign holders. It not only deliver information but also make it easier for the customers to read. Anything brings convenience will encourage the customers to involve.

Acrylic Sign Holders Portfolios


  • 100% customizable for the size, logo, print method, material, colors, and appearance.
  • Performs well with UV print, silk print, and hot stamping to enhance your brand image.
  • Can insert poster, advertising paper, and change them often conveniently.
  • Durable and cost-effective.


  • Advertising, marketing and complement effects for your store from in and out.
  • Entice customers to purchase from the outside.
  • Entice customers to purchase something else by interior signs.
  • Convey product information, promotional information in an effective way.
  • Improve visual merchandising.


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Service & Guarantee

  • Comprehensive customization service.
  • 1% extra products provided to release you from worry about any break or scratch.
  • 6 months factory warranty of repairing and polishing.
  • Additional accessories are provided if there is.
  • Any more support that you would need.

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