Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are the most commonly and widely used advertising product. Due to the flexibility and durability of acrylic, they can be used both for exterior and interior signs. Acrylic signs also provide us various options of the effect. We can print the signage directly by UV print, silk print or hot stamping. Or, they can also be used as the base of acrylic letters, vinyl letters or print films. Furthermore, acrylic is a durable material that works well with LED. It performs well and nice looking when it comes as acrylic light boxes and acrylic LED signs.


  • 100% customizable for the size, logo, print method, material, colors, and appearance.
  • Performs well with UV print, silk print, and hot stamping.
  • Perfect base for laser engraving letters, graphic stickers, and vinyl lettering.
  • Bring outstanding lighting effects with LED.


  • Advertising, marketing and complement effects for your store from in and out.
  • Bring recognition and awareness by exterior signs.
  • Entice customers to purchase from the outside.
  • Entice customers to purchase something else by interior signs.
  • Directional or wayfinding functions both inside and outside.
  • Enhance your brand image.
  • Improve visual merchandising.


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Service & Guarantee

  • Comprehensive customization service.
  • 1% extra products provided to release you from worry about any break or scratch.
  • 6 months factory warranty of repairing and polishing.
  • Additional accessories are provided if there is.
  • Any more support that you would need.