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Our Advantages

We cherish each opportunity to work with our clients, serve them with our best ability to fulfill their satisfaction.

We aim to provide our customers with high-end customized products, which requires us to get well control of the raw material, designing, engraving, handcraft and packaging procedure. For both of us and the client, every step of the production is important.

We own a warehouse of over 1000㎡ to stock raw materials. The oldest worker of our company has been worked with us for over 8 years. The steadiness procurement ability and stable workers make us able to keep the price in a competitive level for our clients.

Our team will confirm the lead time of each order before we take it. Each of the orders will be well scheduled and proceeded to production to make sure our client will receive them on time.

Product Description

Chinov Displays has been a main supplier of acrylic vape stations to wholesalers and distributors in the USA and Europe. We are also the key supplier for Amazon sellers who sells acrylic vape stand, acrylic battery displays, acrylic atomizer display stands, acrylic drip tip displays and acrylic e-liquid display cases and stations.

Main Features:

*Various standard counter-top acrylic vape stations are available for you to choose.

* Custom service is offered to help you build your brand image with our premium acrylic POP displays for vape products.

*Low MOQ of the standard countertop vape stations to help startup vaping stores to get their vape shop supplies at lower cost.

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Acrylic Vape Station Tiered Display Rack

Acrylic e-liquid tiered displays

Acrylic E-liquid Tiered Display Rack

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Single acrylic vape display

Single Acrylic Vape Display

Universal Vaping products acrylic displays

Universal Vaping Products Acrylic Displays

Universal atomizers displays

Universal Atomizers Displays

Custom Acrylic Vape Display

Besides various choices of featured vape station, Chinov is a key manufacturer of acrylic vape display for many E-cigarettes brands from Europe and USA too.

As a visual merchandising display tool, acrylic vape station has been popular among brand e-cigs stores. Why is it so popular?

  1. Acrylic vape stands are so flexible to be made into various style, with many print options to meet your store interior design.
  2. As a new way to smoke, e-cigarette conveys the attitude and fashion elements to the consumers. That’s why all the e-cigarette brands always try to appear upper-scale and premium. Acrylic displays are widely used for high-value products, such as jewelry, watches, electronic products, etc. With an acrylic vape display, you can be sure of delivering a high-end brand image to your customers. 
  3. The material of acrylic is very durable and strong. It is the best materlal to manufacturer point of purchase displays, counter-top cabinets for your e-cigarettes. The high clear feature of this material helps to highlight your product safely without occlusion.

Chinov has been manufacturing acrylic displays for over 15 years. We have been supplying high quality and cost effective acrylic stands & showcases for many domestic brands too. Our skilled engineers are ready to work out nice designs for your brand. Our team are ready to bring your nicest design into life, help you to improve the display feature with our professional experience. We also provide extra product guarantee accordingly to your order. Please contact us now to discuss more!

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