6 Unknown Applications of Acrylic

applications of acrylic 6 unknow applications of acrylic

There are several unknown commercial applications of acrylic, such as glass roofing, exterior design, advertising, car windows and more.

1. The Applications of Acrylic in Building.

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Acrylic has excellent toughness and UV resistance (plus UV). It is widely used in panels, exterior walls, canopies, doors, and windows. Plexiglass has an excellent performance in light transmission and heat insulation. In addition, it can also be used to build instruments. You’ll find acrylic material in the aquarium too.

2. Acrylic Improves the Performance of Illumination.

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Acrylic (plexiglass) is applied to the design of LED lights to aid in better illumination. Good optical performance has also been applied to the construction of some luminaires.

3. The Applications of Acrylic for Car Accessories.

The use of acrylic for cars

In vehicles, acrylic sheets are used in automotive windows, interior and exterior panels, fenders, etc., as well as in motorcycle windshields. Color acrylic sheets are also used in car lamp covers, interior lamp covers, and the like. Acrylic is also used in ships (salt resistance) and aerospace applications. Acrylics also open up new design possibilities for automakers due to their excellent acoustic properties, formability, and excellent surface hardness.

4. The Using of Acrylic for Electronic Product.


Acrylic is widely used in LCD/LED TV screens, notebook computers, smartphone displays, and electronic device displays due to its excellent optical clarity, high light transmission, and scratch resistance. Because of its excellent UV resistance and excellent light transmission, Acrylic has also been developed as a cover material for solar panels, which enables high energy conversion efficiency.

5. Medical Application of Acrylic.

medical acrylic glove dispenser

Acrylic is highly pure and clean, so it is used in the manufacture of incubators, drug testing equipment, hospitals, and research laboratories. In addition, due to its high biocompatibility, it can also be used as a cavity filling and bone cement.

6. Acrylic Is A Good Material To Make Furnitureapplications of acrylic img 5884

Acrylic’s special properties such as transparency, toughness, and aesthetics can be shaped into any shape. It is a good choice for chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, bowls, placemats, and other items.

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