5 Ways To Make The Best Small Acrylic Display Stands

5 ways to make the best small acrylic display stands

Small acrylic display stands with high quality is the best way to state the premium image of your brand. Acrylic display stands have many features to make them the first choice for many businesses. The features including crystal clear appearance, impact-resistance, lightweight, environmentally friendliness and ease to recycle.

There are different thicknesses of acrylic panels. What is the appropriate thickness of small acrylic display stands?

the appropriate thickness of acrylic display stand

1. Considering the budget

The cost of an acrylic display stand depends mainly on the thickness of the material. Generally, the thicker the thickness, the better the permeability, the smoothness, and the display effect. Thicker acrylic stands consume more material, which makes the cost higher. The question is, what is the most cost-effective thickness for an acrylic cosmetic display?

the most cost-effective thickness for acrylic displays

2. Considering the weight of your products.

The thickness of plexiglass determines the weight capacity of the acrylic cosmetic stand. If you want to build a custom acrylic display, make sure to consider the thickness of the acrylic panel which will influence the loading capacity of the acrylic stand.

Generally, 2mm is enough for decoration use of acrylic displays. If you want it to be strong enough to carry your products safely, make sure to use small acrylic display stands that are 3mm or more. Different structure of acrylic stands will have different weight capacities. But thickness from 3mm to 5mm is perfect to hold and display most of the products.

small acrylic display stand in different thicknesses

3. The best practices to improve the performance of small acrylic display stands.

It is not good for small acrylic display stands if you’re using materials that are too thick or too expensive. how can you avoid the deformation due to thinner materials? How to maintain our small acrylic display stands with excellent quality? How to prolong their service life? Don’t worry, we can achieve these goals in the following ways.

small acrylic display stands with higher weight capacity

1) Add elastic rubber feet at the bottom of the display stand to increase the necessary cushioning.

2) Use higher bonding strength glue to make the display stand stronger, although this kind of glue is slow-drying.

3) For larger dimensions products, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the load-bearing plate to avoid deformation due to large bearing capacity.

4) When bonding, assembling and fixing the plexiglass display stand, it is necessary to pay attention to reserve a certain shrinkage and expansion gap to prevent the impact of thermal expansion and contraction on the display stand.

5) The impact strength of the plexiglass sheet can be increased by thermoforming, and the internal stress of the sheet can be released to reduce the subsequent shrinkage deformation.

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  1. Adam Golightly
    Adam Golightly says:

    I can see how it could be really useful for a business to make sure that they can get some help displaying their items on perspex. Getting that help from a professional so that they can display them better could be really useful. It was interesting to learn about how the cushioning at the bottom of the display can be increased by elastic rubber feet.

  2. Max Jones
    Max Jones says:

    Thanks for the info on display stands. My brother is looking for a way to advertise his small business. I’ll tell him to think about using acrylic display stands.

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