Black Acrylic Hangers

Upgrade your boutique with the wholesale Black Acrylic Hangers Collection! Offering six versatile designs, perfect for boutiques, clothing stores, exhibitions and fashion shows!

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Luxurious Black Acrylic Hangers by Chinov Display – Versatile, Durable, Boutique-Grade Lucite Hangers

Transform your boutique, clothing store, exhibition, or fashion show with our range of elegant Black Acrylic Hangers by Chinov Display. As an experienced acrylic hangers manufacturer, we present a collection of finely crafted hangers designed to suit a variety of needs.


  1. BACH01, BACH02 & BACH03: Simplicity at its finest! Our BACH01, BACH02, and BACH03 hangers are all 38.5 cm wide and come in three distinctive thickness options (1.8cm, 2.3cm, and 3cm). These sleek hangers, with their subtle differences in thickness, offer polished clothing presentation while progressing from lightweight to heavier items.
  2. BACH04: Building on the robust design of BACH03, BACH04 hanger adds functionality with drop-down clips. This feature makes it perfect for hanging pants or dresses without losing shape or form.
  3. BACH05: Meet BACH05, the heavyweight champion of our collection! This hanger expands to 44cm in width and 4cm in thickness, providing an ideal solution for hanging heavy-duty clothing such as coats, jackets, suits and more, without any compromise in elegance or structure.
  4. BACH06: Our BACH06 model meshes minimalism with functionality. It embodies a straight flat acrylic sheet design with a hook on top and drop-down clips at the bottom for a clean and refined display of pants, skirts, and other bottom wear.


These Black Acrylic Hangers epitomize the fusion of durability and style with superior-grade lucite material. Their classy black hue serves as the perfect backdrop for your garments and enhances the overall aesthetic of your display area. Experience the combination of design and durability with the Black Acrylic Hangers from Chinov Display.

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