Acrylic Blocks

Get acrylic block stand, plexi cube risers wholesale & distributing price from the manufacturer

Acrylic block is also known as lucite block, plexiglass block, perspex block, or crystal block. It is a solid, freestanding, scratch-resistant plexiglass cube. It is used in the visual merchandising of so many items such as display cases in stores, for valuables like jewelry, for windows, shelf dividers, sign holders, as well as photo displays for your desks and shelves.

At Chinov display, our acrylic cubes are available in various sizes and thickness, and can be cut to the exact size and shape that you need – this fantastic feature makes them ideal for many home and garden projects.

To buy plexiglass cubes from Chinov Display, you are able to get diamond-polished clear Perspex blocks. They have a stunning glossy surface, which is extremely hardwearing in nature yet easy to form or bend. It also reflects an illusive 3D deep effect and the print quality that is sure to become the focus of attention in any space.

The weather-resistant nature of acrylic block makes it perfect for a variety of outdoor purposes. An acrylic display cube is solid and durable enough to take on whatever the elements throw at it and still maintain its clarity and high-gloss finish.

Chinov Display supplies custom acrylic blocks world widely. Our customers have the option of selecting Perspex blocks across a range of thicknesses, as well as having the freedom to cut to size to create customized orders.