Acrylic Flower Box

Chinov is China’s paramount manufacturer of Acrylic flower box made with high-grade material that shines like crystal. The transparent Acrylic flower box with holes can hold varied combinations and number of flowers creating a perfect countertop display. The lid of the Acrylic flower vase or box can be opened and is detachable. The best part about Chinov’s Acrylic flower stand is that they are hard to break and are used in restaurants, hotels, living room, washroom, garden, balcony, study room, countertop on shops, bedroom, kitchen, boutiques, party or wedding, café, offices and many more places.

Acrylic Flower Box With 25 Holes

Acrylic Flower Box With Holes

Item: AFB-25
Dimension: 26*26*15.5CM
Specification: 25 holes for roses or pens

Acrylic Flower Box With Hole & Divider

Acrylic Flower Box With Hole & Divider

Item: AFB-1
Dimension: 9.8*9.8*15.5CM
Specification: 1 hole for rose or pen

Clear Acrylic Flower Box

Clear Acrylic Flower Box

Item: AFB-9
Dimensions: 16*16*15.5CM
Specification: 9 holes for roses or pens

Acrylic Flower Box Wholesale

Acrylic Flower Box Wholesale

Item: AFB-16
Dimension: 21*21*15.5CM
Specification: 16 holes for flowers or pens

Acrylic Flower Gift Box With Lid

Acrylic Flower Gift Box With Lid

Item: AFGB-1
Dismension: Custom
Specification: Divider with 1 hole for rose

Acrylic Flower Box With Drawer

Acrylic Flower Box With Drawer

Item: AFBD-1
Dimension: Custom
Specification: One drawer at the bottom with dividers

Cylindrical Acrylic Rose Box

Small Round Acrylic Rose Box

Item: CARB-1
Dimension: Custom
Specification: 1 hole for rose or pen

Big Cylindrical Acrylic Rose Box

Big Cylindrical Acrylic Rose Box

Item: CARB-2
Dimension: Custom
Specification: Multiple holes for flowers and pens

Decorative Acrylic Flower Box Countertop

Decorative Acrylic Flower Box Countertop

Item: ADFB-1
Dimension: Custom
Specification: empty box without divider or drawer

Rectangular Acrylic Flower Box

Rectangular Acrylic Flower Box

Item: RAFB-1
Dimension: Custom
Specification: 3-8 holes for roses or pens

Coutertop Acrylic Rose Box With Holes & Drawer

Acrylic Rose Box With Holes & Drawer

Item: CARB-1
Dimension: Custom
Specification: With an empty drawer at the bottom for storage

Square Mirror Acrylic Flower Box

Square Mirror Acrylic Flower Box

Item: MAFB-1
Dimension: 15*15*10CM
Specification: empty inner box with mirror surface inside

More Custom Acrylic Flower Boxes

For Home Decoration, Store Decoration & More

Chinov’s Clear flower box comes with attractive features & benefits:

  • The Acrylic flower box panel and lids are removable and picture-perfect choice for wholesalers, dealers, flower bouquet shops, retailers and online retailers like wish, amazon, aliexpress, lazada, ebay and many more.
  • The Acrylic flower box can be used as a decoration item in homes, storage unit for flowers and also can be given as special gifts to wife, girlfriend and friends.
  • The Acrylic flower box wholesale units are elegant, stylish and modular in design.
  • The water holder vase with the cover is dustproof, which can avert dust and stain.
  • The flower box or vase can hold water for long time ensuring the freshness of flowers.
  • Nontoxic and eco-friendly product.
  • Since the Acrylic flower box bottom is sealed, it can be used like a stand or a flash vase.
  • Further, the acrylic flower box can be used to store replica flower, actual flower, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, toys, cosmetics, mobile phones, earphones, cables, sundries, stationary, etc.

Chinov is known in China for our quality products, and the acrylic flower box with cover dividers is recognised in the market for its durability, resistance to breakage and elegance in look. We offer custom design and logo printing at free of cost.

Professional Acrylic Displays Manufacturer

As a leading acrylic displays manufacturer, Chinov Display has been devoted ourselves in unique design, advanced handicraft, and improving processing.

We own a factory of 1000 square meters with skilled technicians, independent carpentry workshop, polishing workshop, paint shop, organic Chin workshop and packaging workshop, including inkjet workshop, carving workshops, silkscreen workshop, etc. Variety of refined styling acrylic displays, display box, point of purchase displays, window displays, counter displays, acrylic sign holders, and other advertising products for you to choose.

Factory Video

We’re your best acrylic displays manufacturer

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Why Choose Chinov Display?

What makes us the best acrylic displays manufacturer

Free Design

Our professional designers will work accordingly and provide FREE DESIGN immediately!

On-Time Delivery

12-15 days for mass production! And it is adjustable to fit your marketing plan!


High capability, on-time delivery, comprehensive sales support, 1 year factory warranty.


All acrylic displays involve electronic components  are quality-authorized by CE, ROHS, FCC.


15 years manufacturing & 10 years exporting experience, we work to provide perfect solutions.


Our sales engineers provide you with advanced designs and product improvement suggestions.

Lower MOQ

You can get your private label cutom acrylic displays from Chinov starts from ONLY 10PCS!!

Professional Printing

We help you to choose the most cost-effective & right way to get your LOGO/graphic printed.

What We Do To Be Your Best Acrylic Displays Manufacturer?

Full Production Line Facility

CNC, 3D laser cutting machine, diamond polisher, UV printer, silk screen printer, etc. Up to 10 industrial machines are always on for your service! The advanced facility maks us one of the best acrylic displays manufacturers for you!

Professional Handicrafts

Laser engraving, hot bending, drilling, slotting, bonding…Our experienced workers make the best team to process your custom acrylic display. Most of our workers have been devoted to this industry for over 8 years. Their expertise build up our ability to be your best acrylic displays manufacturer!

Safety Packaging

Every piece of your acrylic displays will be packed by at least 3 layers including scratch-proof film, shockproof bubble bag & 5 layers carton after cleaning. Our QC dept will inspect 100% of the items to make sure you’re receiving 100% perfect products! Again, we have been performing as the best acrylic displays manufacturer to you and we intend to continue to be so!

acrylic displays certificates

CE, ROHS, FCC Certificates For Electronic Parts

To fulfill different needs of custom acrylic displays, we’re able to add electronic parts to your items. All of the electronic parts that we add are qualified to export & import. To cooperate with us, you’re always free from worrying about anything. To be the best acrylic displays manufacturer, we’re responsible to supply you with the best products & services!


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We have worked with Chinov the acrylic displays manufacturer for over 4 years and always been very happy with all of the displays that Chinov produced. We’d like to work with you and continue to do so.

We’ve been buying acrylic hangers from Chinov. Victoria has been always bringing us great news and nice products.

Great product! Bought these acrylic stands to display bracelets and they are perfect. Clean, contemporary and transparent so the jewelry is focus. Love the sophisticated vibe.

Hi Victoria,

I just got my hangers. They’re beautiful. I’m so excited that I found this. Thank you for helping me. I’ll definitely be placing more orders soon.

I have received the product and really happy with it 🙂  Thank you.

We received our dividers today and we couldn’t be more pleased! They are exactly right for our purposes.

My hangers arrived today. They look great!! Thank you so much!

The acrylic boxes arrived and they are amazing!!! Thanks a lot!! And hopefully ill place another order soon! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🧚‍♀️

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