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I wanted to let you know they are very beautiful. Thank you for all your help work and patience to make them. They are amazing!!!!
I received the shipment today which I am very excited about its beautifully packed. thank you so much.
I received the hangers a couple of days ago and it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for your assistance all along! It is greatly appreciated.

The hangers are really beautiful!!! Thank you.

I just got my hangers. They are beautiful, I’m so excited I found this. Thank you for helping me. I will definitely be placing more orders soon.

My hangers arrived today. They look great!! Thank you so much!

Warm Tips

There are multiple choices of the hooks for you to pick as the picture shows. The most popular hooks are:
1. 10cm normal length brass round hook;
2. 10cm normal length brass flat hook.

The one that looks extra long is 15cm long but you can ask for the normal length hooks when you place the order.
Please contact us for more information.

Custom hooks - Chinov Display
Acrylic hanger with customization LOGO

To enhance your brand image with an engraved LOGO on the hanger, you’re at the right place!

Chinov Display has been a reliable supplier of acrylic hangers. You can have your private labels, and creative LOGOs printed on the acrylic hangers. We print the LOGO by laser machine. It engraves the graphic directly onto the hanger. The effect of the LOGO appears matt transparent. It is able to be seen without distracting the attention of your clients who are searching for your lovely clothes.

Do you know that acrylic hangers can help in enlightening the visual appearance of a cloth? Clear hangers adhere properly to the shape of the cloth and display a natural look to clients enhancing sales and profit. If you are a boutique selling clothing or a second-hand clothing store, you can benefit from the brilliant Lucite hangers in Chinov’s catalog. These wholesale acrylic clothes hangers are economical, sturdy, lightweight, and can match any clothing type, without detracting from the intention of your merchandise. Starting from individual shops, to costume stores to tailor shops, to boutiques to exclusive womenswear, menswear, and children’s wear shops, to bridal shops and sports shops, the clear acrylic hangers are suitable everywhere.

Chinov Display offers the highest-quality acrylic hangers which are the best-made product on the market today—assured to keep your clothing in top-notch form, no matter how long your clothing is warehoused or exhibited. Our vast capability and expertise make Chinov the go-to leading in best hangers manufacturer & wholesale supplier based in China.

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Applications of Acrylic Hangers

Diverse Types, Styles and Uses

Our commercial hangers are used for wide-ranging types of costumes and apparel. These hangers keep garments not hurtful against destruction and wrinkles while adding to the worth of any clothing.

Chinov’s model of Boutique hangers is simple and luxurious in design. They offer the required elegance to all clothes cutting across various applications of clothing business.

  • The ideal choice in fashion stores, fashion boutiques, lingerie stores, sports stores, women’s wear stores, men’s wear stores, children’s wear stores, baby stores, shopping malls, and outdoor stalls.
  • These Lucite hangers can be used for discrete purposes also in a cupboard, closet, living room, terrace, balcony, and many more places.
  • A perfect fit during weddings to ensure the wedding dresses are wrinkle-free.
  • Play great support in elegantly storing – women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, shirt hangers, coat hangers, lingerie hangers, pants hangers, skirts hangers, trouser hangers, jean’s hangers, jacket hangers, suits hangers and more.
  • Superspace spacing in shops. Instead of stacking clothes over one another in the cupboard or racks, hang them easily on this hanger to save space.
  • Multi-layered uses – can hold all kinds of clothing and other raw materials such as belts, ties, towels, scarves, napkins, and handkerchiefs.
  • Generally in shops poor storage reduces the shelf life of apparels and also takes up unnecessary space. Our flawlessly constructed acrylic hangers safely help job owners to store multiple pairs of apparel and accessories within the available space.

T shirt hanger

T Shirt Hanger

These types of boutique hangers don’t bend or give away faster while in use. Most suitable for t-shirts and the ergonomic design ensures they hold medium-weight items consistently without slippage. The non-slip invisible Lucite hangers are the best model for holding on to t-shirts in boutiques, cloth stores, trade shows, and outdoor displays. The clear hangers are the perfect fit for both types of t-shirts with neck and without a neck.

Dress hanger/ Acrylic pants hangers

Dress hanger/ Acrylic Pants hangers:

The clear acrylic hangers can accommodate any type of dresses. The best part of these acrylic pants hangers is that they will not allow the shapes of the merchandise to get distracted. Pants, shirts, short clothes, skirts, any garments can be hanged for a lifetime without any change or modification. The swivel hook permits clients to turn the dress any side they require without the requirement of removing from the best skirt hanger. The clips regulate and glide easily on the bar to accommodate hanging any size dress, pants, jeans, shorts, or ladies’ skirts. Our acrylic pants hanger’s clips help in securing the waistband tightly and won’t crumble under the heaviness of the clasps.

Best coat hangers/Jacket hanger/Padded clothes hangers

Best coat hangers/Jacket hanger/Padded clothes hangers:Chinov models of coat and padded hangers keep your clothing in optimum ailment while being exhibited in stores. The design is made in such a way that the jacket hanger holds the cloths study ensuring wrinkle-free. We offer customizable designs and styles for Acrylic coat hangers including large collection pegs, clips, logos, bar attachments, and more. The acrylic coat hangers are made of heavyweight materials that are talented in supporting even the heaviest coats and jackets. The luxury coat hangers are so versatile that they can be used with many different display systems – wall systems, clothes rails, and freestanding display units. Our padding model of heavy-duty coat hangers helps light garments maintain their shape.

Suit hangers

Suit hangersThey’re made of clear crystal acrylic/plexiglass for a luxurious look and feel and offer an elegant, modernized design. The hooks of the Acrylic suit hangers can be made flexible to offer 360-degree rotation. Made with real acrylic material, our best suit hangers will last a lifetime and can be used multiple times. Our luxury suite hangers are perfect for items of a higher value for those that require a bit more protection such as silk suit or velvet suit. The design is angled and engineered in such a way to handle heavy suits and coat

Underwear hanger

Acrylic Lingerie Hangers with Golden Hook

These hangers are master in the art of holding panty, underwear, lingerie and swimsuits all sizes and styles. Our clear acrylic Lingerie Hangers look smart, crisp, and contemporary, with required clips, hooks and notches to ensure a perfect display. Popularly used in boutiques and lingerie shops and are ideal for any delicate cloth and items. The hanger model and design ensure a grip on the clothing item so it can’t slip off the hanger.

Kids’ clothes hangers (children’s’ clothes hangers)

•	Kids’ clothes hangers children’s’ clothes hangersOur kids’ cloth hangers are designed in such a way to accommodate a host of children’s clothes covering – infant dresses, toddler clothes, and both boy and girl kids apparels. These Small clothes hangers protect children’s clothes from stretched necks and puckered shoulders. The acrylic hangers come with required clips that won’t damage delicate clothing and gives versatility when hanging the clothes. Further, the hangers will stop the apparels from slipping to the floor while customers or kids browse the racks to choose the loved design.

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Benefits of Acrylic Hangers

  • Attractive and Modern Clear Acrylic / Lucite – a perfect fit for subtle clothing items, artistically attractive storerooms, silk, and other “slimy” apparel.
  • Offer comprehensive space deployment and will allow you to twofold, triple, or expand the hanging space multiple times.
  • Soft grip, durable and prima flocked varieties that will optimize your product display.
  • A unique opening end allows you to hang and remove your pants quickly and efficiently.
  • Versatile and come in many different styles, shapes, and colors.
  • The acrylic hangers can be customized to any size, and logos can be printed based on client needs.
  • Universal design and fits various decoration styles of fashion stores and boutiques.
  • Offer the best visual merchandising for all clothes irrespective of the color and material.
  • A host of accessories and variations of acrylic hangers available so one can find their perfect match.
  • Never go out of shape after multiple uses and when you hang heavy clothes on them.
  • Durable and strong. They are lightweight but very hard due to the premium material.
  • The assortment of hooks and clips are available to suit bras, briefs, slips, and nightwear.
  • Cleaned easily with a cloth and no issues of rusting or breaking ensuring cloth is safe and tidy.
  • Instead of spending minutes on folding clothes and organizing, with acrylic hangers one can hang them painlessly.

Why Choose Chinov Lucite Hangers for your merchandise?

Chinov’s is the best Garment hangers manufacturer in China and our product will take your clothing business to the next level by providing admirable support for all of the dresses you sell and stock. At Chinov, all the cloth hangers are manufactured in-house with strict control in the quality.

  • Best in Quality: Made with premium perspex material, our products enhance the look and stylishness of the clothes. The acrylic hangers are tested by quality experts on various factors to ensure robustness at clients’ end.
  • Complete Solution: Whether you are looking for hanging trousers, inners, tops, sarees, blouses, coats, suits, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, and shirts, we have a hanger for you.
  • Rapid Sampling: We have extensive designs, styles, and acrylic hangers in our inventory. Our skilled professional team can offer sampling within short notice.
  • Flexible Ordering: Our commercial hangers are available at both small and large MOQ. Depending on the client’s budget, we can customize the requirements.
  • Short Lead Time: Our professional and well-managed process will deliver products quicker than the industry.

We are the most popular acrylic hangers suppliers and we offer in bulk and the order can be individualized for your business. Get in touch with us soon and carefully store all of your clothing with the best features our clear hangers provide. Our products are precisely manufactured as per the set industry norms by utilizing the finest range of raw material and the latest machine under the strict supervision of skilled professionals.

Layout Effects

Our Advantages

  1. We have a large selection of quality clear acrylic hangers.
  2. We offer customize service to provide you with the best acrylic hangers. Our clients could also choose their favorite accessories, such as hooks, non-slip features, drop and bar attachments, clips, and more.
  3. Furthermore, if you’re ordering heavy duty hangers for your business, consider Chinov’s logo printing service to add a professional touch to your order.

Our Services

  1. Customize the shape of the acrylic hangers. There are 3 different head of the clothes hangers currently as the pictures show above.
  2. Customize the notched arm of the hanger. You can choose to add or remove it as you like.
  3. Customize clips & LOGO. You can decide to add the clips or remove it.
  4. We also provide premium LOGO engraving or printing services to meet your demand.
  5. You’re able to custom the size of the acrylic hanger, either the length of the chrome clip.

Our Guarantee

1. 1% spares are provided in order to protect our clients from lack of acrylic hanger if an accident occurred.

2. 6 months factory warranty of repairing, polishing of the hangers.

3. One bottle of cleanser and rubber puffs would be provided free if you need it.

4. The product cleaning service is provided each order before the goods getting packed.

5. Any other after-sales service & support whenever you need from us.

Professional Acrylic Displays Manufacturer

As a leading acrylic displays manufacturer, Chinov Display has been devoted ourselves in unique design, advanced handicraft, and improving processing.

We own a factory of 1000 square meters with skilled technicians, independent carpentry workshop, polishing workshop, paint shop, organic Chin workshop and packaging workshop, including inkjet workshop, carving workshops, silkscreen workshop, etc. Variety of refined styling acrylic displays, display box, point of purchase displays, window displays, counter displays, acrylic sign holders, and other advertising products for you to choose.

Factory Video

We’re your best acrylic displays manufacturer

Click to watch our factory video.

Why Choose Chinov Display?

What makes us the best acrylic displays manufacturer

Free Design

Our professional designers will work accordingly and provide FREE DESIGN immediately!

On-Time Delivery

12-15 days for mass production! And it is adjustable to fit your marketing plan!


High capability, on-time delivery, comprehensive sales support, 1 year factory warranty.


All acrylic displays involve electronic components  are quality-authorized by CE, ROHS, FCC.


15 years manufacturing & 10 years exporting experience, we work to provide perfect solutions.


Our sales engineers provide you with advanced designs and product improvement suggestions.

Lower MOQ

You can get your private label cutom acrylic displays from Chinov starts from ONLY 10PCS!!

Professional Printing

We help you to choose the most cost-effective & right way to get your LOGO/graphic printed.

What We Do To Be Your Best Acrylic Displays Manufacturer?

Full Production Line Facility

CNC, 3D laser cutting machine, diamond polisher, UV printer, silk screen printer, etc. Up to 10 industrial machines are always on for your service! The advanced facility maks us one of the best acrylic displays manufacturers for you!

Professional Handicrafts

Laser engraving, hot bending, drilling, slotting, bonding…Our experienced workers make the best team to process your custom acrylic display. Most of our workers have been devoted to this industry for over 8 years. Their expertise build up our ability to be your best acrylic displays manufacturer!

Safety Packaging

Every piece of your acrylic displays will be packed by at least 3 layers including scratch-proof film, shockproof bubble bag & 5 layers carton after cleaning. Our QC dept will inspect 100% of the items to make sure you’re receiving 100% perfect products! Again, we have been performing as the best acrylic displays manufacturer to you and we intend to continue to be so!

acrylic displays certificates

CE, ROHS, FCC Certificates For Electronic Parts

To fulfill different needs of custom acrylic displays, we’re able to add electronic parts to your items. All of the electronic parts that we add are qualified to export & import. To cooperate with us, you’re always free from worrying about anything. To be the best acrylic displays manufacturer, we’re responsible to supply you with the best products & services!


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I have received the product and really happy with it 🙂  Thank you.

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My hangers arrived today. They look great!! Thank you so much!

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