Acrylic Sign Holders

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The most innovative and simplest marketing tool to increase sales is Acrylic sign holders.  Manufactured with easy to clean and dust-free material, the clear acrylic sign holders come in different shapes and models to offer a clear view of advertising material. Depending on the indented purposes, businesses covering electronic shops, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, and offices use the plexi sign holders to display a wide range of products and contents. In-store marketing signage can draw customers’ thoughtfulness towards top-selling products, apt customers to buy certain items, and even add additional income to existing procurements.

Acrylic sign stands are the humblest way to put information in front of customers/clients. The various models such as the Acrylic L shaped sign holders, Slanted sign holders, Slatwall acrylic sign holders, Magnetic acrylic sign holders, 3 sided acrylic sign holders, Acrylic wall mount sign holders, Acrylic sign holders 8.5 x 11 & Table tent holders offers businesses versatility in displaying information.

Acrylic Tabletop Sign Holders

acrylic tabletop sign holders

A most important aspect in business is communicating what it wants and the Acrylic tabletop sign holders ensure this perfectly to customers. They make it easy to promote sale items, display price listings, and specials in cheerful, bold printouts around the year. The acrylic L shaped sign holders are self-supporting and can be placed on a table or countertop to make announcements easy to find for clients for days. For hotels & restaurants, the multi-sided acrylic sign holders especially 3 sided acrylic sign holders is the most popular.

Products & Features:

  • Acrylic made for strength and durability
  • Transparent design enables easy visibility of signage
  • Let’s you display and highlight information on both sides
  • Easy to clean they always look good
  • Easy to change when your information changes
  • Versatility allows you to display a scope of information easily
  • Small enough to move around easily so information goes where you need it
  • Magnetic acrylic sign holders are robust and rigid

 Acrylic tabletop sign holders play a critical role in benefit-focused signage markets which is incredibly effective. It is divergent to retail signs that discuss a product’s features and offers simple communication effectively.

Acrylic Wall Mount Sign Holder

Looking for sign holders that will use less of a floor or countertop space, then the Acrylic wall mount sign holder is the perfect solution. This item is an extraordinary substitute to the traditional displays which were primarily designed for hanging on the wall. The most sort out acrylic sign wall mounts in the market today as it gives a stylish contemporary appearance. It can be virtually anywhere covering offices, schools, churches, hospitals, hotels, libraries and many more.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Clear acrylic frame with easy to set up
  • Modern contemporary design features
  • Display material can be replaced quickly with ease
  • Possibility to use the wall mount sign holder in multiple locations after every usage period, it’s reusable
  • Cleaning is simple and can be done with cloth
  • With side load & top load design possibility, ensures insertion of printed material a simple task
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and in portrait or landscape formats.
  • Long-lasting and scratch-free acrylic product

All designs of acrylic wall mount sign holders are made with durable and fade-resistant plexiglass raw material, rather than the flimsy plastic you’ll find in the market. Chinov Display is the best in the market in acrylic products. You won’t find a higher quality wall mount sign holder anywhere else!

Acrylic Sign Holder 8.5 x 11

The Most Popular Size

The acrylic sign holders make the business the most happening place, they are the perfect solution to convey information to guests and customers. From retail stores to hotels and restaurants to the trade fair and doctors’ offices, the Acrylic sign holder is a must-have to convey what you want. The engineered and angled design enables clients to easily read the entire advertisement and information. In trade shows and conferences they give your booth a boost of visibility and reduces the requirement of staff to explain. Chinov Display offers the right design and with your right placement of the holder, your business information is at your customers’ fingertips

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Features slanted back design for a clear view of the displayed sign
  • Easy to clean, scratch-free, durable and long lifetime
  • Holds 8.5×11 signage, enabling users to print their own advertisements!
  • Simple loading capabilities for quick graphic changes
  • No assembly required and simple to set up
  • Crystal clear and allows for clear viewing of your vertical literature

No matter which location, the most popular 8.5 x 11 size sign holder will ensure the message gets across in full. They are easy to set up and will stand out anywhere.

Acrylic Table Tent Holders

Revenue-Boosting Advertisers

In a restaurant or at a bar, the acrylic table tent sign holders are the best marketing tool to explain the customers on the various offers. They are designed to increase sales and are offered in lots of dimensions and styles at low costs. Besides enabling increased sales of specialty food items and drinks, they grind in tandem with the restaurant table menus offering vast selections to make. These holders are glassy in design and are transparent allows one to mark table numbers with ease at your restaurant, diner, or bar, letting servers know where to deliver your customers’ food.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • The product can be customized to each business literature size and advertisement requirement
  • The base can be personalized to set up printed artwork. Sturdy base for stability
  • Angled for easy visibility for your customers
  • Multiple-use and perfect for displaying items & menu in the wedding, parties, restaurants, bars, cafe and even in conferences and fairs
  • Inserts are cool to replace and clean
  • Double-sided display offering comprehensive usefulness

Table tent holders are a must-have product in virtually any business. Chinov Display offers a wide range to suit any style or furnishings!

Outdoor Sign Holder

Best Solution For Waterproof Displays

Acrylic outdoor sign holders are the most flexible advertising & direction solution available in the market today. With this type of holders, you can keep changing the display content frequently to attract client attention. The sign holders offer professional & model look and work well for any outdoor environment and surface. Made of transparent acrylic material they are thick and can be customized to any shape, style, and size. These holders have a significant craze in the market because they are waterproof displays that are ideal for promoting a business or attraction in all weathers.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy to change content
  • Perfect for hotels, restaurants, offices and many more
  • Strong visual experience for promoting products & services
  • Lightweight, rigid and suitable outdoor use
  • Wall-mounted with easy to fix options
  • Weather-resistant and long lifetime
  • Non-glare acrylic to reduce glare problems
  • Made of premium grade acrylic offering a sophisticated, high-tech look

Perfect for use in the entrance of any facility to convey directions, door signs, toilet signs, and even promotional advertisements in an exclusive way.  With multiple options, Chinvo Display offers a complete guide to help you choose the perfect sign-holder for your business.


Best Use Cases of Sign Holders

Acrylic sign holders are the best technique to draw attention to your business in a professional way. Presentation is the paramount way to win in business and using sign holders can help you transform a sloppy promotion into a success. These sign holders eliminate traditional paper looks and offer an outstanding impression to customers, clients, and employees. The most affordable and clean-looking display available in the market today which businesses use to convey the message in an orderly and inspiring manner. With sign holders, one can quickly and easily insert any printed promotion, ad or graphic. There are multiple options which include angled frames, curved frames, vertical sign frames, and customized ones.

Here are the top suggestions on where to use the Acrylic sign holders:


acrylic sign holder wholesale manufacturer

Acrylic sign holders are an exciting new alternative to the traditional displays and are best suited for any announcements in offices, stores, or malls. They ensure the signage is noticed by everyone with a complete focus on the display material. The best low-cost option for notices and also ensures your signs are safe from scratches, stains, and tears. The holders are easy to use and clean with a simple opening for inserting pictures, brochures, advertisements, menus, and any other kind of information that you want to display. They are perfect for establishments or other events such as Trade Show or Expos or Conference or Workshops that need to promote on numerous tables, counters, or stalls.

Product advertisements

plexi sign holder wholesale manufacturerIf you’re looking for a display of product ads, the best low cost, but the noteworthy option is the sign holders. The crystal clear display and the design angle ensure a direct line of sight to the audience. These glossy, specialized looking frames are quick and easy to use allowing one to change the ad frequently to attract more clients. With acrylic sign holders any product or service display Ads, Menus, Info Sheets, Signs or Flyers can be displayed in a crystal clear and easy to view manner! They can be used multiple times for multiple purposes because they are highly durable and long-lasting.

Restaurants and Hotels

clear acrylic signage display stand wholesale manufacturer

The best countertop signage for restaurants is the crystal clear acrylic sign holders. They play a splendid role on the table of hotels or restaurants to display signage to customers. Displaying the information in acrylic holders will save a lot of printing cost to hotels, one need not worry about damage due to food and drink spills, or unclean hands. It’s a complete win-win situation for the customers and the hotel owner. Further, the holders help in promoting key menus or discounts to the customer at their eyesight promoting sales. Further, they will reduce the load on waiters and makes decision making simple for customers. Any supplemental menu options or if one is interested in letting know the customers on how the dish is done, then the acrylic holders are the best choice. The sign holder can be used in a number of different applications including cafes, hotel lobbies, halls, conference rooms, gyms, and hotel rooms.

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In the end, no matter what you want to advertise, the old saying remains true: Keep your promotion activities, and acrylic sign holders are truly awesome. Promote your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly ads, information or promotion with ease and with style.

Key Features of Chinov’s Plexiglass sign holders

  • Reusable – easy to remove and update advertisements within a short span of time. Business can use sign holders for years
  • Extend the life of paper, flyer, and images for many years since the acrylic holder protects the communication material from the external environment such as sun and rain
  • Versatile and customizable to suit any business and product needs
  • Multiuse – papers, samples, brochures, pamphlets, stickers, literature and products can be displayed
  • Two in one, the display sign holders can feature a different graphic on each side for a double-sided showcase
  • Completely transparent from all angles, scratch-free and dust-free
  • Easy to set up, no tools required and sold base to ensure skid-free display
  • Non-glare acrylic ensures better display of ads and easy to read
  • Easy to clean and always look clear without any dust particles
  • Does not yellow fade or crack, the raw material used in making the plexiglass holder is from sustainable & certified source
  • Benefit-focused and Value -focused signage markets a product based on its leads
  • Plexi sign holders can be customized for any shape and size with a logo, company name, or product name
  • Our quality is second to none – a strong and rigid acrylic material is used to make the display sign holders

Chinov’s plexiglass sign holders perform excellently in temporary locations and can be moved easily. The Acrylic L shaped sign holders and the Magnetic acrylic sign holders are the best fit models in trade shows to attract moving crowds towards a particular booth or stall.

Acrylic sign holder’s uniqueness – Versatile displays for any business

  • Acrylic tabletop sign holders – Best fit in communicating announcements and special offers in stores or trade shows.
  • Clear acrylic sign holders – Freestanding sign holders can be used in any purpose for text and graphics to stand out.
  • Acrylic L shaped sign holders – multipurpose for indoor and outdoor use. Eg. Countertop display stands, brochure holders, magazine racks, and other retail store product information displays.
  • Magnetic acrylic sign holders – best suited for show-off displays offering an exciting new alternative to traditional displays in counters of shops.
  • Slatwall acrylic sign holders – the most protective acrylic holder helps keep signs in an unspoiled condition enabling easy hanging on a wall or cubicle.

Furthermore, we also supply acrylic sign holders with suction cups, standoffs, LOGO, clamp, brochure pocket, and business card pocket as long as you need them. They are available to be sold in pack or bulk for resellers from online or offline, wholesale or retail. No matter how you need them, Chinov Display will offer the best custom service to make it come true!

Chinov offers all kinds of acrylic sign display at the best possible price required to run a successful sales campaign, attracting customers, and concluding the sale. All the clear acrylic sign holders are made with thick quality plexiglass/perspex and not thin flimsy material. Our products are currently used by a variety of clients covering trade shows, real estate agents, travel agents, restaurants, government departments, tourists, hotels, hospitals, and many more. Reach us out immediately. We supply bulk offers of acrylic sign stand which can be customized as per business needs.


Q: What is the minimum order quantity of the plexi sign holders?

A: There is no limit for MOQ for this product. Please feel free to place the order with us no matter how many pcs you would need.

Q: Where will they come from and how do you ship them?

A: We’re a factory based in Guangzhou, China. The acrylic sign display stands will be shipped by DHL, air or sea according to your order quantity. Chinov Display will advise you on the best & most cost-effective way for the shipment accordingly.

Q: How long does it take to get them?

It depends on the order quantity for the production time. Generally, it’ll take us about 5 days for 500pcs order. If you’re ordering less amount, shipment can be made within 3 days. For the delivery time, it depends on the shipping way and the destination country. Please contact Chinov Display to get a quote.

Q: How do I pay?

An invoice will be issued to you for processing the payment of the clear acrylic sign holders. For the payment methods, Chinov Display accepts payment by Paypal, credit card, wire transfer & TT. You’re able to pay by credit card via a secure link and don’t need to offer us your card information, which is a safe and secure guarantee for the transaction.

Professional Acrylic Displays Manufacturer

As a leading acrylic displays manufacturer, Chinov Display has been devoted ourselves in unique design, advanced handicraft, and improving processing.

We own a factory of 1000 square meters with skilled technicians, independent carpentry workshop, polishing workshop, paint shop, organic Chin workshop and packaging workshop, including inkjet workshop, carving workshops, silkscreen workshop, etc. Variety of refined styling acrylic displays, display box, point of purchase displays, window displays, counter displays, acrylic sign holders, and other advertising products for you to choose.

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Why Choose Chinov Display?

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Free Design

Our professional designers will work accordingly and provide FREE DESIGN immediately!

On-Time Delivery

12-15 days for mass production! And it is adjustable to fit your marketing plan!


High capability, on-time delivery, comprehensive sales support, 1 year factory warranty.


All acrylic displays involve electronic components  are quality-authorized by CE, ROHS, FCC.


15 years manufacturing & 10 years exporting experience, we work to provide perfect solutions.


Our sales engineers provide you with advanced designs and product improvement suggestions.

Lower MOQ

You can get your private label cutom acrylic displays from Chinov starts from ONLY 10PCS!!

Professional Printing

We help you to choose the most cost-effective & right way to get your LOGO/graphic printed.

What We Do To Be Your Best Acrylic Displays Manufacturer?

Full Production Line Facility

CNC, 3D laser cutting machine, diamond polisher, UV printer, silk screen printer, etc. Up to 10 industrial machines are always on for your service! The advanced facility maks us one of the best acrylic displays manufacturers for you!

Professional Handicrafts

Laser engraving, hot bending, drilling, slotting, bonding…Our experienced workers make the best team to process your custom acrylic display. Most of our workers have been devoted to this industry for over 8 years. Their expertise build up our ability to be your best acrylic displays manufacturer!

Safety Packaging

Every piece of your acrylic displays will be packed by at least 3 layers including scratch-proof film, shockproof bubble bag & 5 layers carton after cleaning. Our QC dept will inspect 100% of the items to make sure you’re receiving 100% perfect products! Again, we have been performing as the best acrylic displays manufacturer to you and we intend to continue to be so!

acrylic displays certificates

CE, ROHS, FCC Certificates For Electronic Parts

To fulfill different needs of custom acrylic displays, we’re able to add electronic parts to your items. All of the electronic parts that we add are qualified to export & import. To cooperate with us, you’re always free from worrying about anything. To be the best acrylic displays manufacturer, we’re responsible to supply you with the best products & services!


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