Cake POP Displays

Nothing is more popular than cake pops when you’re holding parties, wedding,s or any group activities. To display the cute cake pops, you don’t want to miss our perfect cake pop displays.

Chinov has been a manufacturer of cake pop displays for over a decade. We are the key supplier of many famous display wholesalers and distributors. Our cake pop displays are popular due to the below features.

  1. They’re assembled, can be stored flat, and shipped safely.
  2. The size is adjustable. You can change different size levels to create a new shape for your cake pop.
  3. They’re convenient to install. Although they’re assembled, we have a detailed installation menu to guide you. However, we believe you can easily install it without reading the guidance because the design is so simple and user friendly.
  4. Our cake pop displays are capable to display large volumes, to give your party a boom effect.
  5. The material of our cake pop display is durable, which makes them be reusable for a long time. (and don’t forget that you can custom the installation by yourself to keep creating new cake pop display ideas.)
  6. Multi-functional. Besides displaying cake pops, our display stand can also be used to display lollipops, sweets, and small cakes.
  7. You can custom the size, color, shape, and anything of the display. Chinov is fully equipped and capable to provide you the best-fit bakery displays.