Printing Methods For Acrylic Displays

To choose the right printing method for printing LOGO/graphic on your acrylic displays, it is important to learn their different effects. Why it is important to choose the right printing method for acrylic displays? Each printing method has its advantages & disadvantages; To choose the right way to print graphics on acrylic displays helps you […]

is acrylic display racks so good

I believe that everyone will find a phenomenon, when you visit the mall, you will find a variety of sizes and different styles of merchandise display racks, and all of them are made by Acrylic, especially the cosmetics display rack. Is the acrylic display rack so good? Why are merchants more inclined to use acrylic display racks? What are the advantages of the display rack made by Acrylic?

High transmittance

small acrylic display stand in different thicknesses

The display stand in the mall will inevitably carry a lot of lighting to achieve the lighting effect, while the acrylic material has a transmittance of more than 92%, so in many cases, the plexiglass material is used to make the lightbox or the small display stand.

Easy to install

small acrylic display stands with higher weight capacity

Acrylic sheets are easy to process and can be bonded directly so that they can be combined with different combinations. This installation and mixing will increase the aesthetics of the cosmetic display stand.

High surface finish

Types of Hangers

It is necessary to choose a high-quality MDF because the inferior MDF has a rough surface and is rough. Therefore, choose a high-density, smooth-looking, paint-able sheet. The high surface finish of the acrylic sheet is fully compliant.

Improve the overall image

countertop acrylic display case customize wholesaler

Acrylic display stands help to increase brand awareness. You can print LOGO or advertising patterns on the acrylic display stand, which will help the brand to promote popularity. The acrylic cosmetics display stand can not only display the products but also produce advertising effects, which will help increase sales.

Although it is very succinct, the good acrylic display rack can enhance the grade of cosmetics, a new design of acrylic cosmetics display rack can improve the exposure of cosmetics, which leads to the sale of cosmetics is also well documented. There are some stories like this. Some customers even buy cosmetics when they buy cosmetics. This is why the majority of cosmetics companies are keen to display products with acrylic display stands.

Wide processing range

acrylic multi-sides revolving holder

In addition, it has the reputation of “plastic crystal” and has excellent weather resistance. It is especially used outdoors, in the crown of other plastics, and has good surface hardness and gloss. It has large processing plasticity and can be made into various needs. Shapes and products.

5 ways to make the best small acrylic display stands

Small acrylic display stands with high quality is the best way to state the premium image of your brand. Acrylic display stands have many features to make them the first choice for many businesses. The features including crystal clear appearance, impact-resistance, lightweight, environmentally friendliness and ease to recycle.

There are different thicknesses of acrylic panels. What is the appropriate thickness of small acrylic display stands?

the appropriate thickness of acrylic display stand

1. Considering the budget

The cost of an acrylic display stand depends mainly on the thickness of the material. Generally, the thicker the thickness, the better the permeability, the smoothness, and the display effect. Thicker acrylic stands consume more material, which makes the cost higher. The question is, what is the most cost-effective thickness for an acrylic cosmetic display?

the most cost-effective thickness for acrylic displays

2. Considering the weight of your products.

The thickness of plexiglass determines the weight capacity of the acrylic cosmetic stand. If you want to build a custom acrylic display, make sure to consider the thickness of the acrylic panel which will influence the loading capacity of the acrylic stand.

Generally, 2mm is enough for decoration use of acrylic displays. If you want it to be strong enough to carry your products safely, make sure to use small acrylic display stands that are 3mm or more. Different structure of acrylic stands will have different weight capacities. But thickness from 3mm to 5mm is perfect to hold and display most of the products.

small acrylic display stand in different thicknesses

3. The best practices to improve the performance of small acrylic display stands.

It is not good for small acrylic display stands if you’re using materials that are too thick or too expensive. how can you avoid the deformation due to thinner materials? How to maintain our small acrylic display stands with excellent quality? How to prolong their service life? Don’t worry, we can achieve these goals in the following ways.

small acrylic display stands with higher weight capacity

1) Add elastic rubber feet at the bottom of the display stand to increase the necessary cushioning.

2) Use higher bonding strength glue to make the display stand stronger, although this kind of glue is slow-drying.

3) For larger dimensions products, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the load-bearing plate to avoid deformation due to large bearing capacity.

4) When bonding, assembling and fixing the plexiglass display stand, it is necessary to pay attention to reserve a certain shrinkage and expansion gap to prevent the impact of thermal expansion and contraction on the display stand.

5) The impact strength of the plexiglass sheet can be increased by thermoforming, and the internal stress of the sheet can be released to reduce the subsequent shrinkage deformation.

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applications of acrylic 6 unknow applications of acrylic

There are several unknown commercial applications of acrylic, such as glass roofing, exterior design, advertising, car windows and more.

1. The Applications of Acrylic in Building.

applications of acrylic img 5880

Acrylic has excellent toughness and UV resistance (plus UV). It is widely used in panels, exterior walls, canopies, doors, and windows. Plexiglass has an excellent performance in light transmission and heat insulation. In addition, it can also be used to build instruments. You’ll find acrylic material in the aquarium too.

2. Acrylic Improves the Performance of Illumination.

applications of acrylic img 5881

Acrylic (plexiglass) is applied to the design of LED lights to aid in better illumination. Good optical performance has also been applied to the construction of some luminaires.

3. The Applications of Acrylic for Car Accessories.

The use of acrylic for cars

In vehicles, acrylic sheets are used in automotive windows, interior and exterior panels, fenders, etc., as well as in motorcycle windshields. Color acrylic sheets are also used in car lamp covers, interior lamp covers, and the like. Acrylic is also used in ships (salt resistance) and aerospace applications. Acrylics also open up new design possibilities for automakers due to their excellent acoustic properties, formability, and excellent surface hardness.

4. The Using of Acrylic for Electronic Product.


Acrylic is widely used in LCD/LED TV screens, notebook computers, smartphone displays, and electronic device displays due to its excellent optical clarity, high light transmission, and scratch resistance. Because of its excellent UV resistance and excellent light transmission, Acrylic has also been developed as a cover material for solar panels, which enables high energy conversion efficiency.

5. Medical Application of Acrylic.

medical acrylic glove dispenser

Acrylic is highly pure and clean, so it is used in the manufacture of incubators, drug testing equipment, hospitals, and research laboratories. In addition, due to its high biocompatibility, it can also be used as a cavity filling and bone cement.

6. Acrylic Is A Good Material To Make Furnitureapplications of acrylic img 5884

Acrylic’s special properties such as transparency, toughness, and aesthetics can be shaped into any shape. It is a good choice for chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, bowls, placemats, and other items.

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3 factors that affect the service life of acrylic fabrications

The service life of acrylic fabrications is the most important concern for customers in addition to price-quality before purchase. There are three aspects that affect service life: material, environment, and usage.

01 Raw material

applications of acrylic img 5849

The material is the basis, the quality of the material directly affects the service life, domestic, imported, new materials and recycled materials. These are some common classifications of the plates. From the performance point of view, the imports are better than the domestic ones, and the new materials are better than the return materials. If the price is not a problem for you, use good materials and maintain properly, then there is no problem in using 5-6 years or even 10 years (within the house).

02 Environment

applications of acrylic img 5850

Acrylic fabrications also have requirements for the use of the environment, such as indoors or outdoors, and different temperatures. When the temperature reaches 96° or above, it will be thermally deformed, and below 9.2°, it will be easily catalyzed. The outdoor sun and rain environment will also increase service life. Therefore, acrylic (plexiglass) should not be used in harsh environments. Other materials may be considered if there are special needs.

03 Way of use

applications of acrylic img 5851

Improper use can also seriously shorten the service life of acrylic (plexiglass). For example, if a product with more than its load is placed on an acrylic display stand, the display frame will be deformed or even broken due to unbearable load.

To extend the service life of acrylic products, regular maintenance and cleaning are required. Otherwise, there is no way to ensure long-term use.


If there is a thing gladden the heart and please the eye in the world, it must be various light boxes made from acrylic products on the street.

When we talk about the colorful light boxes, we will have to talk about its raw material–acrylic.

Glass is one of the first things that we come into connection with and it seems that transparent products are generally made of glass.

We have never thought that acrylic products will eliminate glass. Maybe the reason is that the acrylic product is an updated version to avoid the disadvantages of glass. Why does acrylic products become popular? Here we will show you the main reasons why acrylic can be a replacement for glass.

High transparency

high transparency acrylic flower box

The light transmittance of acrylic is more than 92% while the ordinary glass is only 85%. Even the dyed acrylic reflects glitteringly and translucently in the sunshine.

Excellent insulation effect

clear digital acrylic case box shell

Acrylic has a very excellent insulation effect, it’s can be found in the use of some very small components insulator in many electronic products such as tablets, computers, mobile phones, computers, audio, television, and other products. You can see it if you pay attention to the maintenance of electronic products.

Strong weatherability

outdoor acrylic signage

Acrylic performs very well in any kind of weather. Even the extremely cold weather or exposed hot weather will not make it fragile or yellowing, which makes it a durable product to clean and maintain.

You may pay attention to the street light boxes, billboards, and curbside lampshades after work. The mast of them are made from acrylic materials and they are with very long service life. Because acrylic materials are stable and portable. If the light box is making of common glass, think about it, people are walking under it every day. If it fell down, that will be a very terror.


recycling acrylic

Acrylic is very environmentally friendly and we can use it repeatedly. We may often encounter such familiar scenes: when a glass cup is broken, what we do is to take the broom and pour the shards into the trash; when we are moving house, it turns to be a difficulty to get the glass products moved because it is heavy and inconvenient. However, if they are made from acrylic, we are free from worries.

High flexibility

bending acrylic

Acrylic can make many things. Acrylic material is kind of lighter than general glass, it is not complicated to do the cutting and processing either, and this is why acrylic products can fits almost all kind of customized needs in various industries. We can find acrylic products in many places; they appear to be cosmetics displays, photo frames and watches stands, or windows for airplanes, visual merchandising furniture, or aquarium.

Strong impact resistance

Strong impact resistance acrylic

The resistance of acrylic is 20 times higher than that of ordinary glass, which has been tested for many times in many experiments. A standard American M16 assault rifle cannot break through the acrylic and injure the target when a certain thickness of acrylic material is placed in front of the test protective body. This is why acrylic is widely used as a bulletproof material in many political leaders’ special cars.

Strong corrosion resistance

Strong corrosion resistance acrylic

Acrylic is a highly strong corrosion resistant material; it is no exaggeration that even strong sulfuric acid cannot hurt the surface of acrylic at all.

It is no doubt that people prefer acrylic instead of glass with such many advantages. With the development of technology, acrylic will be used in much more area in the near future.