the best hanger for fashion boutique

Hangers are the most basic merchandise for fashion stores. However, do you know which are the best of boutique hangers?

To start a fashion boutique, the first thing you need to learn is visual merchandising.

What is visual merchandising?

Here comes the definition from Wikipedia that:

Visual merchandising is the practice in the retail industry of developing floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales. Both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase.

attract customer by visual merchandising

The definition would be the best answer to the question you might wondering a few seconds ago:

Why Is Acrylic Hanger The Best of Boutique Hangers?

Most of your target customers probably don’t pay attention to general hangers, because they are cheap and readily available. Furthermore, boutique hangers that are made from other material will even harm your garments.

cheap hangers harm your clothes

  • Plastic hangers are too flimsy to maintaining the shape of your garments, which would shorten the lifespan of your clothing.
  • Wire hangers are very easy to bend and get rusted, which will shorten their life and damage your clothes. In addition, they are more prone than plastic hangers to clothes slipping off the hanger.
  • Wooden hangers can fit only heavy garments. If it is made too thin, it is easy to be de-shaped, cracked or even broken.

All of the above problems could be solved if you use our clear acrylic hangers. Why?

  • The acrylic clothes hanger is not commonly-used for most families, thus, it helps attract your target customers to enter your store, touch your commodities and make them desire to try up your clothing.
  • Clear acrylic hangers are made from crystal clear plexiglass, this material is very hard and unbreakable, which makes the clothes hanger sturdy and structured even if it is thinner. It is the best boutique hanger to maintain your garments in good shape.
  • The strong heavy duty hangers won’t bend at all. These features give it a lifetime lasting use, which means it provides better value for the fashion store owners.
  • We are able to make special design such as notches, clips, and even silicone non-slip rubber band onto the acrylic clothes hangers, which makes your garment less likely to slip off or wrinkle.

All of the above-listed reasons make ACRYLIC HANGERS the best of boutique hangers to fulfill the purpose of visual merchandising, that is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. 

chinov acrylic hangers boutique hangers

Why should you buy acrylic hangers from Chinov?

First of all, Chinov Have been offering our acrylic hangers to many designers and stores for years. They are customizable with different hook and clip colors. The clear frame can match any clothing type or store décor, without detracting from the design of your current merchandise.

Secondly, Chinov offers certainly the highest quality acrylic hangers. We offer some of the best-constructed products on the market today, guaranteed to keep your clothing in top condition. The way how your clothing is being displayed can definitely affect sales. Our high-end acrylic hanger is the best of boutique hangers to help visitors and sales growth in some way.

Furthermore, our acrylic hangers are essential for every closet. They’re made of crystal-clear acrylic, with a luxurious look and feel, featuring an elegant, streamlined design. Our boutique hangers have a classic, flat profile for a variety of garments.

Why are we the best manufacturer of acrylic hanger?​

  1. We have a large selection of quality acrylic boutique hangers.
  2. We offer to customize service to provide you with the best boutique hangers. Our clients could also choose their favorite accessories, such as hooks, non-slip features, drop and bar attachments, clips, and more.
  3. Furthermore, if you’re ordering boutique hangers for your business, consider Chinov’s logo printing service to add a professional touch to your order.

What are the advantaged of our boutique hangers?​

Our lucite hangers are a totally handmade product, we processing each piece of the acrylic hanger with 5 different handcraft to get it polished, which causes the price higher.

You may click the below video to see how an acrylic hanger is manufactured.

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Basic Visual Merchandising Techniques

As a fashion store owner or visual merchandiser, you must have learned many visual merchandising techniques about fashion merchandising. However, there is one basic technique that many people will forget, that is clothes hanging technique.

It is no doubt that we use hangers to hang on our clothing in a fashion store. The problem is the entire condition of our hanging will affect our retail merchandising. Customer’s purchasing behavior is related to the way we hang garments. While this type of apparel merchandising has the potential to present items at or near the customer’s line of sight, it also forces the customer to move from side to side to follow the display. We have to make sure there is enough room for our customers to shop and walk around.

So, what is the detail of the clothes hanging technique?

Comply with the principle of 2/3 display volume.

Visual Merchandising Techniques No. 1: Comply with the principle of 2/3 display volume

The displayed volume matters a lot for visual merchandising. If a clothing rack is obviously out of capacity, it would be difficult to put it back to the right position either for the shoppers or sales, which will lead to a chaotic visual effect. Too many clothing in a rack will lower the value of your commodity, make your store lack fascination, complicated and disordered. It is the main reason why your store cannot keep customers stay.

To improve your clothes merchandising, make sure to hang only 2/3 or 3/4 clothes on a rack.


Boutique Hangers

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Visual Merchandising Techniques No. 2: Trigger their curiosity by front-facing visual merchandising

Horizontal merchandising places products for sale in a horizontal manner. This type of display ensures all products are within the customer’s direct line of sight since they are all on the same level. But it’s very difficult to upsell customers because this technique is not ideal for displaying bundles or add-on items.

Front-facing visual merchandising can do well to fix this shortage. It helps display the front end of the commodity, highlight its features and value, it’s been widely used to display clothing match proposal, to grab the customers’ attention so they are curious enough to walk through the rest of the display and look at the other items.

Therefore, we have to pick up the right product for the front-facing visual merchandising. What is the right product?

  1. Brighter color clothing
  2. Popular and eye-catching style
  3. Clothing that better deliver your brand image

Again, make sure not to put too many clothes on a rack, or this technique will be useless.


Visual Merchandising Techniques No. 3: Side hanging display

Side hanging displays enable the presentation of large quantities of merchandise. As very little of the garment is visible, this mode of display requires a careful arrangement of sizes (from left/small to right/large)      and colors (same colors together) so that the customer can make his mind up quickly. Hanging rails should not be overloaded and should offer sufficient space to move merchandise along the rail and look at items.

A small tip for side hanging display technique is, we should hide the price tag of clothing to avoid it affects the ordering of merchandise.

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Types of Hangers

As a fashion store owner, you might in need of various types of hangers. What are they?

Types of Hangers by Usage

To classify them by usage, we get the types of hangers as below:

1. Dress hangers

To hold and accommodate all sorts of dress types, summer dresses, night dresses, casual or elegant, fancy or simple.

Chinov-Acrylic Dress Hanger

2. Pants hangers

To hold and display pants, jeans, shorts and anything of the like in your fashion store.

Chinov-Acrylic Pants Hangers

3. Skirt hangers

For the display of all sorts of skirts and similar clothing apparel in your fashion boutique.

Chinov-Acrylic skirt hangers

4. Children’s clothing hangers

To help display any sort of children’s clothing from little dresses to pants, t-shirts, blouses, coats and so on and so forth.

Chinov-Children Clothing Hangers

5. Suit hangers

To hold, organize and show off pairs of suits before your client.

Chinov-Universal Garment Hanger

6. Coat hangers

To display and hold all types and styles of coats, which are perfect for displaying coats in any window display case or around your retail store.

Chinov-Acrylic Coat Hanger

7. Lingerie hangers

For the display of a more special and chic category of apparel, lingerie, underwear, swimsuits and anything of the kind!

Chinov-Acrylic Lingerie Hangers

Types of Hangers by Material

To classify them by material, there are 4 types of hangers:

1. Wire hangers.

wire hangers

The benefit of wire hangers is cheap enough to buy in bulk. They are widely used in every family and supermarket. It is good hanger if you just need them to hang thin and light clothes.

2. Plastic hangers.

plastic hangers

Similar to wire hangers, plastic hangers are cheap to be afforded to every family. We can use them to carry most of our daily garments. In the meanwhile, either wire hangers or plastic hangers share similar disadvantages too. Wire hangers are too thin to be bent easily. While plastic hangers are too fragile to break, and this feature becomes more obvious if they’re exposed in the sun every day.

3. Wooden hangers.

wooden hangers

Compare to wire and plastic, wooden material is more structured and durable, but also more costly. As long as wooden hangers appear more upper-scale and durable, it is one of the most popular boutique hangers.

4. Velvet hangers.

velvet hangers

Velvet hangers are popular to fashion boutiques due to the price is a little bit more economical than the wooden hangers. They appear good and durable, featured with non-slip function to protect your clothing. But due to the feature of the material, they are more likely to be used as seasonal displays.

5. Acrylic hangers.

Types of Hangers

Compare to the other hangers, acrylic hanger appears like fresh air to the fashion industry. It becomes popular since 2017. A famous fashion brand DIOR has been using acrylic displays for most of its boutiques world-widely. Acrylic hangers are popular due to its high clear and superb durable features. It is not a commonly-used household product, seldom people know it. Thus, it attracts people to look at it, touch and try your clothing. Regardless of the curiosity-driving feature, it is the best boutique hanger if you want to make a higher profit off the clothing as Dior.

As long as visual merchandising technique tells us, the way we display the commodities defines the value of the products. If you want to bring a premium brand image, high-end quality impression to your target customers, you should definitely consider using acrylic hangers as your boutique hangers.

Chinov Display stocks the largest selection of acrylic fashion store hangers. Our unbreakable dress hangers, acrylic suit hangers, and heavy-duty pants hangers are all made of heavyweight materials. They are capable of safely supporting even the heaviest coats and suits. For more information about the acrylic hangers, please visit the product detail page of acrylic hangers.

4 tips to increase sales

Visual merchandising is of utmost importance — if done effectively, you are able to increase sales. It helps you develop a unique business identity and brand, differentiating yourself from your competition.

visual merchandising technic to increase sales

When designing and implementing a visual merchandising plan, it is important to consider a variety of things. “Who is my target customer?” and “What is my target customer looking for?” are two questions you should be asking yourself. By defining your target customer and identifying their likes, you can tailor your merchandising techniques to fit their tastes.

There are a variety of other facets to visual merchandising, like the color, design, ambiance, and themes of the displays. While these are factors to take into consideration, here are three “hard techniques” that are proven to work:

  1. Rule of Three

Three is the magic number when creating displays. Not only does it catch the customer’s attention, but it also helps cement the product display in the customer’s mind. This is why many visual merchandising experts follow and preach the “Rule of Three.”

increase sales by visual merchandising

So when you are arranging products, you want to have sets of three. For example, having three products side by side rather than just one. If grouping by height, have short, medium, and tall. If by width, fat, fatter, and fattest. If you truly want to capture the attention of price-conscious customers, arrange items in order from good, better, and best value to the customer. This allows them to spot the items that have the best value to them quickly and thus make a quick purchase.

The Rule of Three works for all product displays, whether it’s a display for small products or for mannequins.

This is because it creates asymmetry in the display, drawing the customer’s attention. This is because when people look at symmetrical and balanced objects, their gaze moves away quickly because it seems to be normal; asymmetrical or unbalanced displays are thus “abnormal” and are more interesting to the eye.

Another aspect of this asymmetry is that three is an odd rather than an even number. The off-balance that this odd number creates forces the customer to gaze at the different aspects of the display, focusing on each one separately rather than have their eye take in the whole display at once.

People also tend to remember things that are grouped in threes. This is why many number strings, such as phone numbers and Social Security numbers, are broken down into groups of three (though in this case, followed by a group of four).

  1. The Pyramid Principle

The “Pyramid Principle” applies to a triangular merchandise display. You want to place the largest item at the center and have the smallest products on the outside. Thus the other items “step down” from the focal point, like a pyramid. Many department stores use this technique, as it’s proven effective time after time.

Increase sales by visual merchandising-The Pyramid Principle

This principle also ensures that there’s a variety in the surface, which means that the display won’t ever be “flat” or “boring.” This type of display draws the customer in because the products seem to cascade or “tumble” down to the customer.

  1. Price Points

Key products should be highlighted with clear price points on larger signs, which will draw the customer’s attention. If you have a value-oriented customer, you’ll want to advertise the items with the best value or deal so that the customer will walk towards the display; all other products should have small price cards next to them or be priced individually with price stickers.

Increase sales by visual merchandising-Price Points

  1. Data-Driven Retail Execution

When experimenting with a merchandising technique, the way to get the biggest bang for your buck is by ensuring compliance through data-driven tactics. Featured displays can lift CPG sales by an average of 193%, yet less than half of merchandising displays are executed according to plan, lowering the potential for that sales lifts significantly. All told, poor retail execution can cost brands as much as 20% of their total retail sales.

Increase sales by visual merchandising-featured displays

Having a data-driven approach to merchandising by keeping track of different campaigns as they progress allows you to monitor the success of your displays and identify any problem areas swiftly.

Additionally, tracking data continuously over time allows your team to see where things worked in the past so you can employ those techniques in the future. Ensure retail compliance by equipping your team with the tools they need to stay on top of merchandising campaigns and relay information to you in real time.

Merchandising can be known as an “art and a science,” because many factors come into play for “perfect” merchandising. It is important to keep in mind that in order to truly have success in visual merchandising, you must constantly adapt. Using data to engage in a cycle of continuous improvement allows you to see what works and what doesn’t, and change your displays based on that. If you keep a record of your displays and the correlating sales, you may find a pattern begin to emerge. With your target customer, a certain type of display may work better than others. Use this one more often. You’ll find that by tracking this data, you can truly optimize your visual merchandising plan.

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use of visual merchandising how dior makes success by the use of visual merchandising

Christian Dior has consistently been on top of the sales charts when it comes to apparels and accessories. One of the main contributors to this success is their use of visual merchandising in marketing their products. Visual merchandising plays an important role in improving the experience of a shopper. It plays a role in attracting customers and convincing them to make a purchase. One of the ways through which they have been able to achieve visual merchandising is the use of acrylic hangers in their stores. Their clear frames and customized clips and hooks contribute to the aesthetics of the Dior store design. Acrylic hangers play a big part in brand recognition and driving up sales in women’s fashion stores.


The Impact of Appropricate Use of Visual Merchandising

When done right, visual merchandising can have the following impacts on the performance of a store’s sales:

Appeal to the expectations of the consumer

The use of visual merchandising creates an appeal that matches the expectations of existing and prospective customers. They elicit nostalgia among customers and makes the want to purchase something. Customers find visuals, especially on the storefront, captivating and can make a purchasing decision off them. Placement of such visual merchandises also plays an important factor in driving up productivity and sales.

Contributes to consumer education

It also plays a part in educating your customers about your products and helps in establishing your brand. You can use visual merchandising to display important information about your products such as pricing, materials form which they are made among others. Clients are more likely to make purchases if they feel knowledgeable about your products. It also saves your staff time from having to take every client through the products. They can focus on converting sales.

Boost brand recognition

Visual merchandising also enhances brand recognition. It gives you an opportunity to promote your store and enable consumers to learn about the store by looking at what’s on display. They will be able to familiarize themselves with your products and be comfortable associating with the store. This can lead to an increase in the number of customers.

the use of visual merchandising to boost your sales

Visual merchandising strategies for fashion store

The following strategies can help you maximize the use of visual merchandising for your outlet. They can help you grab the customers’ attention and maximize sales:

  1. Focus on a clean image Besides colorful displays and amazing light effects.

The overall appearance has a lot to contribute to your visual marketing strategy. Have a well-thought cleaning schedule to ensure that the outlet is always clean throughout the day. Cleanliness enhances whatever visual marketing message you are pushing to your customers.

the use of visual merchandising in Dior boutique

2. Know your target audience for your visual merchandising strategy to succeed.

It is important to understand your target audience and their needs. It wouldn’t make sense to have visual signs on winter clothes during the summer. Even though the fur coats may be fashionable, your clients’ needs during the summer are light dresses. You can purchase acrylic hangers for light summer clothes from our website. You can also visit our Pinterest page to see how acrylic hangers have revolutionized the Dior store interior design and their visual merchandising. You can learn about the Dior store design and how to use acrylic hangers in your own store.

successful visual merchandising strategy

3. Use the right type of shelving customers are more likely to search from left to right more than top to bottom on the shelves.

Vertical product displays are likely to be more eye-catching as compared to flat displays. Our acrylic hangers could come in handy in such cases and can enhance the use of visual merchandising. They will allow clients to look through your products much faster and improve on their experience. The acrylic hangers also make it easier to spot given products from a distance. This would not be possible if they were laid out flat.

left to right display strategy for fashion store

4. Change the visual displays from time to time.

Keeping the same displays for long periods of time ends up being counterproductive to the intended purpose. Instead of attracting customers and boosting sales, it drives them away as they feel it is the same thing that is always on offer. Clients want new items to keep up with the constantly changing fashion trends. Change your visual displays at least every week so that your clients feel that you are introducing them to something new. It is also a way to announce new exciting products in stock.

regularly change of store display

Why Use Our Acrylic Hangers

Acrylic hangers are one of the best use of visual merchandising tools you can have in your fashion boutique. They are very influential in enhancing your store’s brand recognition. First of all, they are heavy duty and won’t bend or snap like other normal hangers. They are made from crystal clear plexiglass. This makes them unbreakable, no matter how thin they are, and keep your clothes in excellent shape for long. They are also not common and therefore give your clients a feeling of privilege and luxury. Every buyer wants a unique product that makes them feel classy. They are elegant and have a streamlined design for a variety of attires.

We can include other special designs on the hangers such as clips, notches, and non-slip rubber bands. This reduces the chances of the attire slipping off the hanger and becoming wrinkled.

chinov acrylic hangers boutique hangers

Designers have been using our acrylic hangers with customized clip and hook colors for visual merchandising in their outlets. They come with a clear frame to match either the store decor or the clothing. We believe in providing quality. We also give a 6-month warranty with every purchase.

We cherish each opportunity to work with our clients, serve them with our best ability to fulfill their satisfaction. We always develop our products with the customer in mind and aim to give them customized high-end products. Right from obtaining the raw materials, designing, engraving, handcrafting to packaging, we strive for quality and take each step seriously. We also ensure that you get your order in time. Our team will get in touch to confirm the lead time of orders before taking them. Give us a call or visit our website to get in touch with us. You can also reach out to us through our social media pages. We are only a call away from being of service to you.