Countertop Acrylic Display

Countertop acrylic display is the best way to showcase your products in a horizontal way. A countertop display stand is the best merchandise for front display your product. Front display method makes the customers able to see the product completely without touching them. If you want to drive the customers’ attention by some featured products, make sure to have a countertop acrylic  display case for them. A counter display stand can not only stock and organize your merchandise in the nice ranking, but also keep them away from occlusion issue. Thus, visitors can always see the products directly even if they pass by.


Our acrylic countertop display case is customizable with dimensions, colors, material types, thickness, dividers and print methods. Please contact us to get some designs or suggestions.

Visual Merchandising Display Methods

Front display, side display, top-shelf display, platform display, merchandise grouping, color display.


Retail store supplies, store display fixtures, wholesale store supplies, office supplies, shop fixtures, restaurant supply, school supplies, hotel supplies, trade show displays, jewelry organizer, watch case, pop display