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In today’s world of safety & precautions amid the COVID-19 outbreak, here are Chinvo’s innovative multipurpose Countertop Sneeze Guards. Based on various business needs, we have designed the most suitable Portable Sneeze Guards which can be used in offices, grocery stores, hospitals, shops, banks, retail outlets to protect workers and consumer safety.

Available at different sizes, our Custom fabricated Countertop Sneeze Guards are a faultless solution for contagion control in any workplace and public area. Plexiglass Sneeze shields can protect staff and consumers/customers against the transmission of a virus, bacteria by preventing physical and non-physical contact such as coughing and sneezing. The best part of using an acrylic made sneeze guards is that they are transparent, less heavy, high strength when compared to any glass.

In the current context with the world moving towards social distancing, the Countertop Sneeze Guards are the hottest demanded products in the business market.

Key Features of the Countertop Sneeze Guards

Quick Instalment – The clear barrier screens sneeze guards can be installed and removed quickly and with no damage.
Multipurpose Use – The countertop sneeze guards can be used on a table or desk or any existing workplace and public areas.
Seamless work & No disturbance – Chinov’s plexiglass sneeze guards will ensure work happens without any impediments and ensures reduced exposure to contagious diseases in a cost-effective way.
Easy cleaning – can be cleaned quickly in seconds with any kind of sanitizers or disinfectants.
High resistance – super resistance to acids, oils, greases, and excellent weather resistance.
No tools required – Available with especially aimed foot brackets for easy countertop connection.
Portable, Easily stackable for ease of conveyance and storing.
Industrial cut with clean edges ensuring utmost safety to everyone.
Protection from scratches – the acrylic sheets are packed well with care and are scratch-free post-installation giving clean visibility.
Any size and shape – We can manufacture custom plexiglass sneeze shields in nearly any size or shape with maximum optical clarity. We can create access holes based on need and you can choose multiple mounting options based on your requirement.

Product Applications:

Our Custom fabricated Acrylic splash shield can use in any environment both commercial and industrial use where there is a need to limit contact with third parties. Applications most suitable for sneeze guards are:

Workstations in offices
Cashier Rooms
Conference Rooms
Reception Desks
Hotels and Take Away corners
Retail Outlets, stores, shops
Hospitals, Clinics, and pharmacies

Further, our clear countertop sneeze guards are very popular to protect food on counter displays. They can offer maximum visibility whilst protecting the goods on display.

With COVID-19 pandemic getting severe and the possibility of reoccurrence of any new virus, the Countertop Sneeze Guards are going to be a lifesaver. Protect your employees and staff from common seasonal and non-seasonal issues such as a cold and the flu with Acrylic Sneeze Guards. Create a workplace that is safe and protected.

Our products are manufactured with utmost care. Get in touch with us today for a quote on any custom sneeze guards for bulk orders. We service businesses, dealers, and retailers across the world with the finest quality and delivery on time.

With best in class experts and years of experience in handling acrylic products, we are perfectly equipped with skills and capability in producing various models of countertop sneeze guards. Our products range covers – permanent countertops, portable countertops, flush front mounts, ceiling mounts, with the option of custom printed graphics and messages available as per clients’ requirements and business needs.

A game-changer for business to safeguard employees, stays, customers, and the wider population. Get your quote soon for the environment friendly manufactured Countertop Sneeze Guards.