Custom Acrylic Display Eye Patch Blinder POP Stand

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Introducing the Custom Acrylic Display Eye Patch Blinder POP Stand by Chinov Display—an ideal showcasing solution for innovative wearable personal entertainment devices.


This display stand has been carefully designed to spotlight your eye patch blinder, which provides a private, theatre-like viewing experience to the wearer. The superior quality acrylic used in the construction of the stand assures durability and visual appeal. It seamlessly aligns with the cutting-edge technology of your product offering, enhancing its value proposition to the customer.


Discover a point of sale display that harmonizes with the aesthetics of your product, providing an unobstructed 360-degree view. This stand sharpens customers’ focus on the intricate details of your eye patch blinder, its high-quality audio feature, and the comfort of its headband design, perfect for long usage periods whether on-the-go or at home.


What sets this Plexi POP stand apart is its customizability. Chinov Display enables you to personalize the design, colors, dimensions, and structures of the display stands to echo your brand ethos and cater to your specific display needs.


Note: While we strive to maintain fidelity in color representation, minor variations may occur due to differences in screen calibration and lighting conditions.


Each POP stand is functionally appealing and lends an air of sophistication to any retail or exhibition space. Engage with your customers, elevate their shopping experience, and witness potential increases in product awareness and sales with our custom display stands.


Handpick Chinov Display’s Custom Acrylic Display Eye Patch Blinder POP Stand, and enjoy the multi-fold benefits of a strategic, well-crafted product showcasing solution.


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