Custom Acrylic Display Smartphone Tryme POP Stand

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Introducing the Custom Acrylic Display Smartphone Tryme POP Stand, another stellar offering from Chinov Display. This display stand is engineered to redefine how smartphones are presented in the retail environment, bridging the gap between technology and customers.


This display stand, constructed from the finest quality acrylic, is designed to spotlight a single device – your flagship smartphone. The stand is made sturdily, assuring the device’s security while allowing customers to interact with it, experience its features hands-on, and make an informed purchase decision.


What sets this display stand apart is the dedicated space for promotional material. On the background panel, brands can highlight key features of the device, its unique selling points, or any ongoing offers. You also have the option to display smartphone accessories. This design choice translates your selling space into an interactive information hub for the customers.


What makes this offering unique is the customization opportunities. Our clients are free to decide on the stand’s design, color scheme, dimensions, and structures, ensuring that the display seamlessly aligns with their brand aesthetics and strategic objectives.


Please note that while we strive for accurate color representation, minor variances may occur due to the differences in display settings and lighting conditions.


Chinov’s Custom Acrylic Display Smartphone Tryme POP Stand isn’t just a display stand, it’s a strategic element in your retail environment designed to boost product visibility, nurture customer engagement, and catalyze sales growth.


Choose our display solutions and redefine your customers’ shopping experience and product interaction. Elevate your brand by showcasing your technology with our custom-made display stands.

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