Custom acrylic displays reinforce proactive visual merchandising.

Custom acrylic displays are one of the most important elements of visual merchandising to enhance your brand image. We can create custom acrylic displays with various signage elements to make it as exactly as you want. With years of manufacturing experience, Chinov Display has been doing great jobs to bring our clients a premium custom showcase, custom signs, and various custom displays.

  • Step ahead of your competition; grow your brand beyond simple repetition.
  • Highlight sale products, draw attention to new items and help customers identify individual sections of your store.
  • Inspire impulse shopping by customers who are intrigued by your unique displays.

You could use any other kind of material to create fixtures, shelves, and cabinets throughout your store, but they are mostly dated and chunky and not nearly as visually appealing or versatile and fluid as acrylic.

There are far more functions of customer acrylic displays that benefit your retail business.

Benefits of custom acrylic displays for visual merchandising:

  • Keeping merchandise clean.
  • Keeping merchandise upper-scale.
  • Keeping merchandise organized.
  • Displaying merchandise in volume to enhance the sense of sufficiency.
  • Making promotional merchandise more outstanding.
  • Attracting customers to get into the store.
  • Promoting popular, seasonal, new, and suggested merchandises.
  • Bringing the low-stay-rate corner back to life.

Benefits of custom acrylic displays for the customer:

  • Easy to see the complete product without touching it.
  • Easy to grab and touch the merchandise.
  • Easy to put the merchandise back.

Benefits of custom acrylic displays for the customer:

  • Easy to see the complete product without touching it.
  • Easy to grab and touch the merchandise.
  • Easy to put the merchandise back.


The Advantages of Our Custom Acrylic Displays


We manufacture your design, or we provide design and you can customize it.


Every corner can be customized to fulfill the target function.


Over 3000 colors of the acrylic boards optional, you can customize it.


UV print, silk print, graphics poster, hot-stamping and so on.


Various handcraft to give a different effect of the custom displays.


Different quality grade material options to make cost-effective custom displays.

Visual merchandising is an effective way to draw the passengers’ attention and persuade them to make a purchase. By using custom acrylic displays, you can achieve even more in this process. Custom acrylic displays are totally designed accordingly to fit your store and facility perfectly. You can highlight your hot sale product with an acrylic POP display, or organize a series of products with counter-top custom acrylic displays. To promote your main product, you can use an acrylic custom floor pop display to show them in volume. If there is empty space on the wall, make it a functional space to display your products with our acrylic wall-mounted displays. Furthermore, custom acrylic displays are the best merchandise to convey the uniqueness of your brand and products to your customers.

As an experienced custom acrylic displays manufacturer, Chinov provides you with all kinds of custom acrylic display cases. We are not just a manufacturer, we also improve your design with our knowledge and experience to make your custom showcase more perfect. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with an original design for your custom displays, custom pop displays according to your product and the style of your store.

Create something that will mesmerize shoppers, promoting both your merchandise and your brand by our custom acrylic displays. As an experienced acrylic stands manufacturer, Chinov Displays strives to offer our clients the absolute best combination of innovation, quality, service, and value for our diversified custom store displays and merchandising displays. For more information about retail store display ideas, custom retail displays, acrylic designs, custom point of purchase displays or any retail store display fixtures, please CONTACT US.

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