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For over 15 years, Chinov Display has been one of the leading custom acrylic manufacturers in the market. We stock raw material plexiglass sheets regularly to guarantee a shorter production time. With advanced machines and experienced workers, we’re able to produce custom acrylic displays and fabrications in various styles.

To work with us, simply send us your design in any format with the dimensions. Our team will work out the best solution for production and offer you the best price.

Our Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Custom Acrylic Tanks

If you’re a fish store owner or if you’re selling home decoration products, the product of custom acrylic fish tanks would be the best category for you to boost sales. Develop your product line with some popular acrylic fish tanks, or send us your unique design. Chinov Display, the leading custom acrylic manufacturer will help you work out the best quality custom acrylic aquariums.

Custom Acrylic Display Cases

As a professional custom acrylic manufacturer, Chinov Display always makes custom acrylic display cases and boxes as per what you need. Multiple features are available, you can determine the size, color, thickness of the raw material, etc. Furthermore, we can make 5 sides acrylic boxes and custom display cases with a lid, with a black base, with a hinged lid, with a hasp lock hinged lid, with a cam lock hinged lid, with a mirrored base, with a wooden base, or with custom printed graphics, etc.

Custom acrylic display cases are widely used on any occasion. If you’re a wholesaler or distributor of acrylic display products, this is your must-have item to sell. People will need it no matter if they’re having a wedding, hosting an event, or running stores and museums. It is the best item for storing, organizing as well as visual displaying.

If you have any idea about developing your custom acrylic cases, Chinov Display is the right one for you.

Custom Acrylic Plaques & Awards

Acrylic plaques and trophies are the best items for motivating the attendants at important parties, meetings, and activities. It is durable, high-clear, and can be made in various styles with beautiful colors printed on it. Chinov Display is a professional custom acrylic manufacturer familiar with every process related to acrylic awards and acrylic medals. Contact us with your design or send us an inquiry for a free quote now.

We are a specialized custom acrylic manufacturer. If you’re looking for Custom Acrylic Displays, you’re in the right place! We offer Custom Acrylic Displays covering different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and thicknesses. They are ideally used for POP displays, pedestals, brochure holders, risers, museum cases, cubes, jewel displays, and many more.

Our acrylic display stands promise the highest level of stability and safety to the products being showcased. In addition, it offers easy access to stores and saves a lot of space. Our skilled engineering team and sophisticated technology can bring any ideas into amazing acrylic displays. The custom acrylic stands coming out from our manufacturing facility are clear, hard-wearing, durable, and easy to use in all applications.

Custom Acrylic Shelves

We supply new-age, unique, and modern custom acrylic shelves for multiple retail displays. Our design is versatile with unsurpassed finishing. You can showcase multiple products in one go with our custom acrylic shelves. They are steady, clear, and easy to clean. The beauty of our shelves is that they are engineered to blend with any furnishings of retail stores. Customers across stores, offices, hospitals, schools, and malls prefer our acrylic shelves because they don’t fade and are scratch resistant.
We can customize acrylic wall shelves to any specific size and dimension. We supply both slat wall and wall mount compatibilities. Get in touch with us to achieve supreme selling results. Showcase products such as books, souvenirs, shoes, branded products, art, candles, electronic items, and many more with custom acrylic shelves.

What’s Further We Can Do As A Custom Acrylic Manufacturer?

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Chinov Display is unique in the industry as a custom acrylic manufacturer to supply custom acrylic displays to a wide range of clients. Our customer base covers stores, museums, trade shows, fashion stores, boutiques, malls, private companies, retail stores, and many more. Depending on the client’s requirement, we have the capability to customize, and add logos, LED lights, and other additional features.

We fabricate almost everything with acrylic for display purposes. Whether it’s a custom acrylic stand or a custom acrylic display, we guarantee the use of genuine quality acrylic. Each product is carefully manufactured ensuring an eventual nice-looking showcase. Our professional team comprising of fabricators, designers, craftsmen, and sales manager bring your ideas into reality with a short turnaround time. The acrylic display stands which you see on our website are definitive, shiny, and offer an unsurpassed design that makes your product stand out. Ultimately attracting people’s eyes towards your display thereby increasing attention and driving sales.

Please note our product range on Custom Acrylic Displays is not limited to the photos you see on the website. We can come out with astonishing customization of acrylic displays. Just contact us and we will help you with further details. We design acrylic displays with meticulous planning offering a perfect display for your product.