Custom Cosmestic Display Acrylic POP Stand for Shopping Malls

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Elevate the shopping experience with the Custom Cosmetic Display Acrylic POP Stand for Shopping Malls, a curated presentation solution by Chinov Display. Meticulously crafted to meet the refined demands of the cosmetic retail sector, this stand epitomizes both function and fashion in a retail setting.


The stand boasts a construction of premier-grade acrylic, chosen for its crystal-clear appearance and enduring robustness. It serves as a prismatic showcase that allows the beauty and colors of the cosmetic products to shine through without any visual obstruction, inviting an unimpeded view from all angles.


Capitalizing on customization, Chinov Display empowers clients to dictate the exact dimensions and design to match and enhance their product line. From petite lip gloss stands to expansive skincare showcases, the option to personalize size, structure, and color allows complete brand alignment. Our high-resolution UV printing ensures that branding is bold and remains pristine over time.


This POP stand’s features include:


  • High-grade, thick-gauge acrylic providing strength and stability
  • Versatile custom options for a fully tailored display
  • Selection from a broad color palette, including clear options that make products pop
  • Optional accessories like testers, sign holders, and drawers for additional storage
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting to create an eye-catching visual appeal


The Custom Cosmetic Display Acrylic POP Stand is ideal for shopping malls, department stores, and boutique cosmetic shops, enhancing both product visibility and accessibility. Its striking allure encourages consumer interaction, drawing them into a world of color and style, and leaving a lasting impression of the brand’s attention to detail.


Ensure your products not only stand out in the competitive cosmetic market but are also recognized for their luxury and quality. Partner with Chinov Display to create a customized cosmetic display that speaks volumes of your brand’s commitment to elegance and superior customer experiences.

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