Custom POP Display Electric Toothbrush Tabletop Acrylic Stand

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Present your dental hygiene products with the sophistication they deserve using the Custom POP Display Electric Toothbrush Tabletop Acrylic Stand by Chinov Display. Tailored to enhance visibility and interaction, this stand is an exquisite ally in the promotion of electric toothbrushes within any retail environment.


Crafted from the finest acrylic, renowned for its strength and transparency, the stand is an immaculate showcase that offers unobstructed views from all angles. The material’s innate gleam ensures that your electric toothbrushes are not only visible but also presented in a premium light.


The customizable options provided by Chinov Display mean you can create a display unique to your brand:


  • Size: Tailor the stand to fit various models and brush head accessories.
  • Structure: Elegant and functional design that supports the toothbrushes securely and encourages customer engagement.
  • Color: Opt for a color scheme that complements or contrasts with your product for a striking effect.
  • Personalization: Apply your brand mark, campaign slogans, or educational information to the stand, utilizing durable and vibrant printing.


Ideal for pharmacies, department stores, or specialty health and wellness shops, the tabletop stand is a creative solution to merchandise electric toothbrushes. By elevating the products to eye level and offering a tantalizing glimpse at quality, this display encourages consumers to take a closer look and consider the benefits of advanced dental care technology.


Opt for the Custom POP Display Electric Toothbrush Tabletop Acrylic Stand from Chinov Display, and brush up your sales with a display that’s as effective and refined as the products it holds.

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