Custom Size Acrylic Dispay Box With Black Base Bluetooth Headset POP Stand

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Elevate the presentation of cutting-edge audio technology with Chinov Display’s Custom Size Acrylic Display Box With Black Base, exclusively designed for Bluetooth Headsets. Merging the beauty of minimalist design with the practicality of a POP Stand, this display solution is ideal for showcasing the sleek sophistication of modern audio devices.


The display box is crafted from high-grade acrylic, lauded for its durability and flawless clarity, which encapsulates the Bluetooth Headset like a showcase gem. The contrasting black base anchors the design, drawing attention and boldly enhancing the headset’s features.


Experience the full spectrum of customization for your brand:


  • Tailored Fit: Each display is specifically sized to accommodate the unique design of your Bluetooth Headsets, from compact earbuds to larger over-the-ear models.
  • Sturdy Support: The robust black base not only adds visual appeal but also provides a reliable platform for secure product display.
  • Color Customization: Select from an array of color options to match the display to your company’s branding or to complement the headset’s design for maximum visual impact.
  • Branding Potential: Maximize brand recognition with the option to add your logo, product specifics, and other branded elements using enduring and fade-resistant prints.


Designed for retailers, gadget stores, and exhibition spaces, the Custom Size Acrylic Display Box With Black Base is a perfect match for an array of environments, aligning with any setup from ultra-modern to classic retail landscapes.


By choosing Chinov Display for your display needs, you’re not just putting your Bluetooth Headset on show; you’re creating a visually compelling story that highlights the convergence of superior functionality and impeccable style.

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