Custom Size Acrylic Display Box Matt White Lipstick POP Stand

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Present your luxury lipstick collection with sophistication and flair with Chinov Display’s Custom Size Acrylic Display Box Matt White Lipstick POP Stand. Designed to convey elegance and prestige, this display stand is an essential for cosmetic retailers and makeup brands aspiring to make a statement.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the acrylic display box boasts a refined matte white finish that exudes contemporary style while ensuring the vibrant hues of your lipsticks take center stage. Its clear, sharp lines and resilient construction promote an aura of luxury that aligns perfectly with high-end cosmetic merchandising.


Key features of your customized display include:


  • Precision-Crafted Dimensions: Each stand is built to accommodate various sizes and shapes of lipstick cases, ensuring a snug fit for both standard and unique designs.
  • Sophisticated Matt White Finish: The non-glossy white base provides a sleek backdrop that contrasts against the rich lipstick colors, drawing customers’ attention directly to the product.
  • Vibrant Color Embellishments: While the base carries a chic matte white, there’s an opportunity to integrate additional color elements to align with seasonal trends or brand identity.
  • Custom Branding Space: Utilize the display’s surface to showcase your brand’s iconography and lipstick shades, using durable, high-quality printing techniques that resist wear and fading.


This display stand is not only a promotional tool but also an emblematic piece that represents the tactile and visual beauty of your lipsticks. Ideal for cosmetic counters, beauty stores, or trade show exhibits, Chinov Display’s Custom Size Acrylic Display Box Matt White Lipstick POP Stand offers an unparalleled platform for product demonstration and customer engagement.


By entrusting Chinov Display with your display solutions, you spotlight your products using a harmonious blend of practicality and unmatched aesthetic appeal, inviting patrons to discover the allure of your lipstick collection.

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