Do I need to pay tax or anything extra when I receive the goods?

It depends on the shipping method you prefer.

As one of the best acrylic display manufacturers, we focus our strength in producing the best acrylic display products for you. Our profit is made from the production only. We don’t charge you anything extra for shipping nor taxes. But our carrier do offer several shipping options with different benefits for you to choose.

Based on the shipping options, please find the below list to know if it covers the importing tax.

  1. Express shipping: Not including tax. Due to different customs importing policy, some countries might offer a free importing value while the others might not. The importing tax rates differ from country to country. Please be aware of this cost when you prefer to ship the goods in this way.
  2. Air freight shipping from port to port: Not including taxes. You need to handle custom clearance and the local delivery after the goods arrives the airport.
  3. Air express from door to door: Taxes included. The destination delivery will be handled by the carrier, they’ll take charge of the custom clearance, importing process and paying taxes for you. You don’t need to pay or do anything else in this way.
  4. Sea or train delivery from door to door: Taxes included. Everything is the same as Air Express from Door to Door, only the delivery time is much longer (But this is the most economic way for bulk orders).
  5. Traditional sea freight from port to port: Taxes not included. You need to handle custom clearance and the local delivery after the goods arrives the destination port.

To figure out the cost of shipping, please be sure that you have sent us the correct information of the items you need to order. Generally, this information including:

  • Dimension of the product
  • Thickness of the material
  • Packaging requirement
  • Order quantity

With the above information, we’re able to figure out the estimated weight and volume of your order and suggest you with all the costs and shipping methods.

For more information, please contact us.

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