Do you offer international shipping and installation services?

Global Reach, Seamless Shipping: International Shipping and Installation Services at CHINOV DISPLAY

At CHINOV DISPLAY, we take pride in serving clients from across the globe, and we offer comprehensive international shipping services to ensure your orders reach you wherever you are. We understand that every client’s needs and preferences are unique, so we provide a variety of shipping options tailored to meet your specific requirements:

1. Express Shipping: When time is of the essence, our express shipping option is the way to go. It’s the fastest choice, delivering your orders in as little as 3-7 days, with slight variations depending on the destination country. While it offers speed, it’s important to note that it may incur higher shipping costs, especially for goods weighing less than 22kg.

2. Air Freight from Port to Port: For a balance of speed and cost-efficiency, our air freight service is an excellent choice. It typically takes about 12 days from one airport to another. Keep in mind that when choosing this option, you’ll be responsible for the importing process and may need an agent to assist with customs clearance upon arrival at the destination airport.

3. Air Express from Door to Door: This comprehensive shipping method covers everything from the originating location to your doorstep. It typically takes about 12-15 days from one place to another and includes importing, custom clearance, and destination delivery fees. With this option, there are no surprises upon delivery – you simply receive your goods hassle-free.

4. Sea or Train Delivery from Door to Door: For bulk orders and a cost-effective solution, our sea or train delivery is highly recommended. It takes about 30-45 days, depending on the customs clearance efficiency at the destination country. This option includes importing, custom clearance, and destination delivery services, providing an economical choice for larger quantities of goods.

5. Traditional Sea Freight from Port to Port: When cost-efficiency is a primary concern and you’re equipped to manage customs clearance and local delivery, our traditional sea freight service is a practical choice. Delivery times vary based on the destination, ranging from 2 days to 30 days or more. Costs are primarily determined by the volume of the goods.

As for installation services, while we don’t have offices abroad, our acrylic displays are designed with ease of installation in mind. Most of our products are straightforward to assemble, and we can provide installation guidance or instructions as needed. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with our displays is seamless from start to finish, whether it’s the shipping process or product installation.

At CHINOV DISPLAY, our commitment is to provide you with not only top-quality acrylic displays but also a hassle-free and efficient shipping experience that spans the globe. Contact us today to discuss your international shipping needs and explore how we can meet your specific requirements with precision and care.

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