Doughnut Stand

Chinov Doughnut Stands are the best in the world to offer a distinguishing unique style and elegance to your party table. At Chinov, we supply Doughnut stands for all occasions starting from office party to wedding to casual parties and many more.

Doughnuts served with Chinov’s stands offer the sweetest treat to your guest which they will remember for a life time. Quality, Easy, Simple, Quick, Affordable are the five key value propositions which we offer with our Doughnut stands to sweep any party, event or wedding.

Production Video

Chinov takes it very seriously of the product quality. Each doughnut display stand needs to be processed by at least 5 steps’ handicraft including laser cutting, wheel polishing, drilling, grinding and fire polishing. For logo print, we can process it by silk print, UV print, laser engraving and gold stamping.


  • Our Doughnut stand is easy to fix and is made of quality raw material which will make cleaning easier.
  • All our Doughnut display stand comes with a fitting which ensures stable standing on its own.
  • Our Doughnut cake stand or any donut model stand comes with a variety of options and sizes.
  • The important aspect with our Doughnut stand is that they are food safe.
  • All our Donut stand used in any occasions are easily hand and machine washable because they are made in acrylic and unique lab tested raw material.
  • We use Laser cutting technology to ensure smooth finishing of the Doughnut stand to offer an interesting superior display of donuts.
  • We also offer doughnut stands with wide-ranging material from wood to plastic to acrylic based on client need.
  • Our Doughnut display stands are extremely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • The number of pegs to hold the doughnuts whether it is for Donut stand for wedding or regular donut stand, can be increased based on the requirement of clients. We can work out stands to carry 2 donuts to a maximum of 50 to 100 numbers.


  • No sticking or gluing is required to assemble any model of Chinov’s Doughnut stand. Be it Doughnut stand wedding or Doughnut tower stand, all our models come with an easy to assemble set up.
  • Our Doughnut display stand can be used for any occasions – an office party, a birthday party, a dessert bar for marriages, baby shower party, a candid buffet or even for regular snack areas in office.
  • Our stands are so clean and clear that, guests would feel the confidence in taking an immediate bite of the doughnut without second thinking.
  • We can customize the Doughnut display stand for any kind of need and occasions whether it is big or small.
  • Easy unpacking, quick fixing and easily detachable are the key characteristics of our Doughnut stands. They can be moved faster.

Display Methods

We offer varied type of display options to clients to meet their purpose and occasion when it comes to Doughnut stand. Creativeness is the core of our design and same is embedded in offering various display options to our clients –

  • Our products allow Doughnuts to be displayed in upright vertical direction and also horizontal direction.
  • Our Doughnut tower stand can display donuts like a building tower or any high rise monuments.
  • Our Doughnut tier stand can display donuts charmingly based on size, flavor and color.
  • Our Doughnut display stand can be used to display donuts to create visibility in marketing events like in sweet stalls or cake fairs.
  • Our Donut stand for wedding can be customized based on the number of donuts to be hold in each stand.
  • We have special designs for Donut stand for party which can hold over 30 to 40 regular size donuts or even more.
  • Our doughnut cake stands have the feature to display both cakes and donuts in the same place or can be separated through fittings and separations.
  • With our Doughnut stand you can match and mix various doughnuts to have an appealing display.


Our Doughnut display stands are a huge success, customers across the globe trust our product and are used in various applications/occasions like –

  • Office events and parties
  • Wedding and reception party
  • Christmas events and church gathering
  • Donut and bagel shops for selling doughnuts
  • Used by caterers to display donuts
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Cake sale fairs
  • Schools and colleges during occasions
  • Official symposium, workshops, conferences and many more

We also support our customers with suggestions on the precise Doughnut stand to choose for an occasion which will amaze all the guests, friends and family members.

Our Services

  1. Customize the shape of the hanger. There are 3 different head of the hanger currently as the pictures show above.
  2. Customize the notched arm of the hanger. You can choose to add or remove it as you like.
  3. Customize clips & LOGO. You can decide to add the clips or remove it.
  4. We also provide premium LOGO engraving or printing services to meet your demand.
  5. You’re able to custom the size of the acrylic hanger, either the length of the chrome clip.

Our Guarantee

1. 1% spares are provided per order to protect our clients from lack of hanger if an accident occurred.

2. 6 months factory warranty of repairing, polishing of the hangers.

3. One bottle of cleanser and rubber puffs would be provided free if you need.

4. Product cleaning service is provided each order before the goods getting packed.

5. Any other after-sales service & support whenever you need from us.

To place Doughnut stand order, get in touch with us immediately, we can also customize the stands suiting all occasional requirements at affordable cost. We are quick in manufacturing and dispatching orders on time in full.