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What kinds of hangers would a fashion store need?

As a fashion store owner, you might in need of the below different types of fashion store hangers:

1. Dress hangers that hold and accommodate all sorts of dress types, summer dresses, night dresses, casual or elegant, fancy or simple.

acrylic dress hanger

2. Pants hangers to hold and display pants, jeans, shorts and anything of the like in your fashion store.

ACH06 acrylic hanger for trouser or dress

3. Skirt hangers for the display of all sorts of skirts and similar clothing apparel in your fashion boutique.

ACH04 basic acrylic pants hanger

4. Children’s clothing hangers that help display any sort of children’s clothing from little dresses to pants, t-shirts, blouses, coats and so on and so forth.

acrylic children clothing hangers

5. Suit hangers to hold, organize and show off pairs of suits before your client.

acrylic suit hanger

6. Coat hangers to display and hold all types and styles of coats, which are perfect for displaying coats in any window display case or around your retail store.

acrylic cost hanger

7. Lingerie hangers for the display of a more special and chic category of apparel, lingerie, underwear, swimsuits and anything of the kind!

acrylic lingerie hangers

Chinov Displays stocks the largest selection of acrylic fashion store hangers. Our unbreakable dress hangers, acrylic suit hangers, and heavy-duty pants hangers are all made of heavyweight materials. They are capable of safely supporting even the heaviest coats and suits.

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