Funko POP Display

Funko POP display is the best and affordable way to display your pop figures. It covers various use cases – models, toys and funko pops. Instead of keeping your funko pops scattered around your store or office, consider displaying it in creative ways using acrylic displays. Across the world today, the speediest, stress free way to display your much-loved character on any wall or location in seconds can happen through our model Displays. All the pop figure display comes with simple assembly arrangements with ready to go fitting accessories making life simple.

Funko POP Displays meet varied requirements of customers. For those who prefer placing your merchandise outdoors, you can choose our display stands. For the ones who prefer placing them in closed set up can use the POP figure display case or the cabinet.

Production Video

Chinov takes it very seriously of the product quality. Each display stand needs to be processed by at least 5 steps’ handicraft including laser cutting, wheel polishing, drilling, grinding and fire polishing. For logo print, we can process it by silk print, UV print, laser engraving and gold stamping.


Funko POP Display options come with the following key features–

  • Transparent, dust free, polished and they are made with branded material.
  • Different arrangements are available for displaying figures!
  • Displays come with a variety of options and sizes!
  • Products come in kit form and basically slot together!
  • Can be removed easily and strips remove cleanly without leaving holes or sticky residues.
  • They are made from acrylic. Laser cutting technology are used for ensuring a smooth finishing.
  • Diamond polishing process is undertaken to ensure smooth and crystal clear display.
  • Offer long life, our display stands are extremely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


  • The crystal clear thick feature helps to display your POP figure in a best charity to view, and ensures the best protection.
  • Can be organized for any kind of characters big, small or medium.
  • Easily detachable and can be moved anywhere with ease.
  • Can be used for floating shelves that fit strong on wall, corner and at any angle

Display Methods

At client’s convenience, our Funko POP display case can be used in various locations covering stores, tradeshows, offices, workshops, exhibitions and symposiums. The pop figure display model are agile and can be used to display characters with multiple options which are creative such as –

  • Individual boxes
  • Wall stands
  • Exclusive stands
  • LED glowing boxes and stands
  • Cabinet models for multiple characters
  • Individual + Multiple character boxes and stands
  • Moving displays
  • Platform display and varied colour display

In addition, the beauty about pop figure Display is that each model can be used for a specific purpose or even a combination of different purpose. For instance –

  • Funko POP display case – can be used for toys and characters of movies
  • Funko POP display shelf – can be used to organize merchandise products
  • Funko POP display stand – can be used to place various toys in a sequence
  • Funko POP display cabinet – can be used to show the characters with light and different colours


Funko POP Display case is the right choice to display anime figures, comic characters and objects that need special attention. You can use our pop figure Display in various use cases covering the following –

  • Display funko pops and comic figures.
  • Crafts
  • Advertising light boxes
  • Cards and pamphlets
  • Anime toy
  • 3D Models and toys
  • Merchandise products and small statues and many more

Our Services

  1. Customize the shape of the hanger. There are 3 different head of the hanger currently as the pictures show above.
  2. Customize the notched arm of the hanger. You can choose to add or remove it as you like.
  3. Customize clips & LOGO. You can decide to add the clips or remove it.
  4. We also provide premium LOGO engraving or printing services to meet your demand.
  5. You’re able to custom the size of the acrylic hanger, either the length of the chrome clip.

Our Guarantee

1. 1% spares are provided per order to protect our clients from lack of hanger if an accident occurred.

2. 6 months factory warranty of repairing, polishing of the hangers.

3. One bottle of cleanser and rubber puffs would be provided free if you need.

4. Product cleaning service is provided each order before the goods getting packed.

5. Any other after-sales service & support whenever you need from us.

Keep your much-loved character dust free, protected and organised with Funko POP Display options. All our Funko point-of-purchase display models play a larger role in drawing customer’s attention to products which in turn materializes to successful orders. Keep in touch with us to get the pop display options; we are quick in dispatching the orders once confirmed.