How Do We Guarantee The Quality?

Take A Deep Tour Of Our Manufacturing Process.

All of our acrylic displays are made from hand-crafted acrylic. This material is known as the most upscale plastic material for making displays. Handmade acrylic fabrication requires more time and cost in manufacturing. However, the astounding quality makes it the first choice for store displays.

Our acrylic fabrication are bonded by hand using solvent agents. This glue will actually “melt” the material together. It makes the acrylic display a crystal clear appearance and strong construction. There are virtually no defects as a result. We can avoid common problems like relief marks or haze from molds in this way of manufacturing.

  • 1


    Cutting Acrylic

    We use the newest laser cutting machine to improve production speed.

  • 2

    Initial Polishing

    We polish the rough edge into smooth semi-finished acrylic.



  • 3


    Screw Holes Punching

    We punch screw holes onto the acrylic after removing the protective stickers.

  • 4

    Bonding Acrylic

    We use dedicated super glue to bond the acrylic sheet into displays.



  • 5


    Fire Polishing

    This is the final step of polishing before the installation.

Our Advantages

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