Periodic Table with Real Elements Beveled Edges Display Block

Immerse in science with the Periodic Table Display Block by Chinov Display. Real elements, elegant design. Perfect for education, collectors, and gifts.

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Explore the Building Blocks of the Universe: Chinov Display’s Periodic Table with Real Elements


Discover the wonders of the world in your hands with Chinov Display’s meticulously crafted Periodic Table with Real Elements, featuring beveled edges for a sleek, modern finish. Each block is not just a tool for learning but a piece of art, containing real samples of the elements, safely encased in a stunning, crystal-clear acrylic display.


This exceptional display block brings the periodic table to life, offering students, educators, and science enthusiasts an immersive way to explore and appreciate the building blocks of everything in the universe. The beveled edges add a touch of elegance, ensuring this piece stands out in any setting — classroom, laboratory, office, or home study.


Customization options are available, making it possible to tailor the display size, structure, and other design elements to fit specific needs or preferences. Whether it’s for educational purposes, as a collector’s item, or a unique gift, our Periodic Table Display Block is designed to inspire curiosity, learning, and a deeper appreciation for science.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13.5 × 3 cm





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