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Plexiglass sneeze guard offers a strong layer of protection between staffs and customers

In today’s world of personal safety, plexiglass sneeze guard is the best way to ensure social distancing at offices, workplaces, and in any environment of public action. The plexiglass barriers allow essential public services to continue smoothly even during a hard time by ensuring occupational health and safety.

Chinov’s plexiglass sneeze guard offers a strong protection from the direct or indirect spread of contagious disease or virus, airborne particles or droplets and bacteria from spreading.  Today Chinov’s product is being rapidly accepted and installed at offices, workplaces, hospitals, factories, retail stores, ticket counters, banks and public facilities to protect clients and employees. The best part about our plexiglass barrier is that it can be fixed to any existing place including – workstations, desks, tables, cubicles, booths, counters, cabin, salon, bank teller windows, and many more.

Customers and Employees Feel Safe when Plexiglass Barrier Shield is fixed

The important marketing benefit of fixing Acrylic splash guard in your facilities is that you can ensure the extra precaution to customers and guests thereby increasing sales. This acrylic barrier shield will also keep your employees safe from viruses when they are helping customers and captivating orders. The plexiglass safety shields are perfect for any point-of-sale countertop, which conveys a positive message to customers that your business is taking necessary defenses to guard everybody. Our plexiglass sneeze guard besides preventing virus transfer also maintains hygiene and sanitation in a workplace or public space with easy to clean setup.

Key Product Features

  • No additional accessories required – can be fixed without any tool at any place and any time.
  • Portable, self-supporting base, free-standing and non-skid feet can be placed between workstations as well
  • Turnable and can be moved any side you want
  • Clear acrylic construction is durable, light-weight and can be moved easily
  • Barrier Shield is effective in stopping dust, droplets, liquids, and fluids of any microns
  • Available in Unlimited Sizes & Colours
  • Protective splash guards will keep space safe without any obstruction of view
  • Easily cleaned with water, cloth and any disinfectants, soaps and cleaning agents
  • Designed to be used comfortably either from a standing or sitting position
  • Completely transparent from all angles
  • Cost-effective protection for any company and sector
  • Weather-resistant and can be fixed in open places
  • Available in various sizes to fit needs, the strong plexiglass safety shields meaningfully reduce the prospect of accidents and injuries.
  • Multiple fixing options – you can purchase multiple units and arrange them side by side to make longer partitions.
  • Crystal clear model and will arrive with a film on either side of the plexiglass to protect it from cuts and scratches while transport.

Besides personal protection, the plexiglass sneeze guard also protects food and items in bakeries, grocery, and retail stores. The Plexiglass safety shield provides a cost-effective and efficient way to protect the face, chest, and the full body from splashing liquids, viruses, and dust. Constructed with thick material, smooth finishing, and is completely see-through is the added strength for any environment. Further, these plexiglass barriers are pre-assembled for easy self-installation, with simple installation options such as just fix, screw, or self-adhesive.

We manufacture custom made plexiglass sneeze guards in nearly any shape, model, and sizes. Our products are intended for commercial, industrial, and personal use. The acrylic splash guards are a great way to protect cashiers, clerks, employees, staff, and tellers while remaining open to the public and any circumstances.

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