POP Display Case

The best way to get customer responsiveness and attraction is to display your products or materials with POP Display Case. Chinov Display’s point-of-purchase (POP) display case is the best sort out in the industry offering services to various events covering tradeshows, retail environment, workshops, galleries or another customized setting in shops or offices. The POP display case products offered are strong, lightweight and just require minutes to set up making it easy to arrange and dismantle when not in use.

We serve many customers around the globe with our 100% quality Acrylic POP display case which they elegantly use to display their products in stores, office premises or at marketing events and many more.

Production Video

Chinov takes it very seriously of the product quality. Each POP display case needs to be processed by at least 5 steps’ handicraft including laser cutting, wheel polishing, drilling, grinding and fire polishing. For logo print, we can process it by silk print, UV print, laser engraving and gold stamping.


Our POP Display case comes with the following five key features:

    1. Easy to Fix: Our POP Display case is easy to assemble, and one just needs to see the manual and tighten the screws to make the POP Display case ready for promotional use.
    2. Super Clear: Our POP display case is made with high quality and engineered acrylic panels which ensures super clear display ensuring your product or communication is sharply visible to customers.
    3. Solid and Rigid: Unlike the ones available in the market, our POP Display case is rock solid, because we use the most sophisticated systems and process in manufacturing the acrylic display.
    4. Customizable shape, color, thickness, and sizes: The best part with our POP displays is that they can be molded to any requirement of shape, color, and size. We also offer support to our customers in understanding their requirement and helping them in building a POP Display based on their requirements.
    5. Packaging: We ensure 100% soft packaging and ensure each item is packed properly so that we prevent the clear acrylic panel from scratching and getting damaged while shipping.


We are an expert in the industry in offering a POP display case to suit all the functions or use cases of customers. We play a greater role in ensuring that your business sales grow through a clear display and message of your product to the targeted audience. We do this by ensuring the Acrylic POP display case is built in our state of the art facility using best raw material and technology offering the following functions –

    • Clear & elegant displays for your products and marketing materials
    • Complete all angle visibility to the products
    • Portable and can be moved anywhere with ease.

Display Methods

Our POP Display cases can be used at various places based on customer convenience. We can design the product accordingly offering display methods covering – Front and side display, top-shelf and bottom-shelf display, platform display, table display, moving display, and color display.


Our POP Display case is a good solution to hold a wide range of Fast Moving Consumer Goods products like –

  • Branded Chocolates
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics like essential bottles & nail polish
  • Electronic devices
  • Packaged food products
  • Display special items
  • And more

You can count on us blindly on best price offers and dispatching your goods with quick turnaround time from the date of placing an order is our competitive advantage.

Our Services

  1. Customize the shape of the hanger. There are 3 different head of the hanger currently as the pictures show above.
  2. Customize the notched arm of the hanger. You can choose to add or remove it as you like.
  3. Customize clips & LOGO. You can decide to add the clips or remove it.
  4. We also provide premium LOGO engraving or printing services to meet your demand.
  5. You’re able to custom the size of the acrylic hanger, either the length of the chrome clip.

Our Guarantee

1. 1% spares are provided per order to protect our clients from lack of hanger if an accident occurred.

2. 6 months factory warranty of repairing, polishing of the hangers.

3. One bottle of cleanser and rubber puffs would be provided free if you need.

4. Product cleaning service is provided each order before the goods getting packed.

5. Any other after-sales service & support whenever you need from us.

Backed by strong customer satisfaction and commitment to offer 100% quality product, we currently also offer innovative POP Display case consultancy to our customers to help them get the best design and model to display their products. Connect us immediately and we can support you in creating the paramount POP display case which is unique to your business.

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