A point of purchase display is a critical sales and marketing tool for retailers and CPGs. Thanks for Compliant IA to bring us this 10 point of purchase display tips to increase retail sales!Let’s enjoy the read and learn!


POP displays can introduce and educate shoppers, encourage them to try a product, and ultimately drive sales. Point of purchase displays can also enhance a retail store. The best ones breathe life into your space, making it look more welcoming and dynamic.


POP displays are so important, in fact, that the global point of purchase displays market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% during the period of 2018 to 2026.


Point of purchase displays offer a lot of value to brands and retailers, and they will continue to do so for years to come. But in order to get the most out of them, your POP displays have to be creative, unique, and well-executed.


Here are 10 pointers to help you do just that.



The best way to grab shoppers’ attention is to show them something they can relate to. Often, this means using images or people that fit the same profile as your target audience.


If you’re selling to middle-aged men, then try to incorporate pictures of them in your displays. Selling to kids? Show them images they can identify with.


That’s what Barbie did in the following POP display, which encouraged girls to “be anything” they wanted to be. To get the message across, the brand used various types of Barbies in the display, with each doll sporting a different costume and look.


In doing so, the brand put out an empowering and relatable message to young girls. So whether a girl wants to be a pilot, a doctor, or an astronaut, Barbie is telling her that she can accomplish it.





Boxy displays that look nothing more than glorified shelves are so commonplace in retail stores, they barely register on shoppers’ radars.


Strive to do something different by having your point of purchase displays come in unique shapes and sizes. Many beverage brands, for example, create displays in the shape of a drink bottle.


Or, consider using a unique shape altogether. Halos Mandarins, for instance, used a large, colorful cutout of a tree in its display below. The tree is positioned right in the middle, with products (i.e., mandarins) sitting beneath it, making it look like you’re picking fruits from under the tree.




You could also put a new spin on a common display. Have a look at the following POP display from Lindt. Yes, it’s technically “boxy,” but Lindt chose to stack the boxes unevenly on top of each other, so it doesn’t look like a traditional point of purchase display.


Lindt pop example



If there’s a big holiday or shopping event around the corner, make sure your POP displays are relevant to the season.


Poo-Pourri, a company that sells fragrant sprays, is doing just that. Poo-Pourri is marketing its product as “the perfect stocking stuffer,” and it’s using a witty POP display to do it. Have a look at the brand’s efforts below.





If it makes sense for your brand and merchandise, add interactive elements to your display. Doing so gives people the opportunity to engage with the display itself so they can learn more about your products and be more encouraged to make a purchase.


Interactive displays are gaining in popularity and we’ll likely see (even) more of them in retail stores. And the good news? They’re more accessible than ever.


As David Ewart, the lead merchandiser and director at Pavilion Broadway notes, “Interactive displays are increasingly popular. With POS display units and tablets at their lowest prices ever, it’s very possible to create a tailored user experience.”


Check out what Sephora is doing in its South Coast Plaza location. Sephora attached a tablet to one of the shelves at the hair care section and invites shoppers to take the “Hair Care Finder” quiz.


Customers can tap on the screen, share details about their hair, and the quiz will generate product recommendations based on the shoppers’ input.




The Dollar Shave Club also makes use of interactive screens but on a larger scale. DSC has airport vending machines with life-sized screens that customers can interact with if they want to purchase razors on the go.





POP displays are primarily used to market and promote products, but there are instances when you should use them to educate customers. This is particularly important if you’re showcasing multiple items in one display.


Having various choices can overwhelm shoppers, so you need to point them in the right direction. This can be done by setting up displays with informative and educational content.


Here’s an example from the Crate & Barrel store in Pasadena, CA, which showcases several utensils. To aid kitchenware shoppers, Crate & Barrel added some useful info at the top of the display, telling customers what each item is used for.





In-store demos are an excellent way to show off your products, but they can be labor-intensive and costly. Plus, not every product can be demonstrated on-site. Fortunately, POP displays offer a way to show your products in action without all the fuss.


By incorporating videos into your displays, you can effectively grab people’s attention and show them how your product works.


GoPro does just that in the following display, which has a video of athletes using the HERO 7 cam while they surf.





Use your POP displays to get people to test your products on the spot.


This display from The Body Shop, for instance, promotes the brand’s Body Butter items by encouraging customers to test it on themselves. Best of all, The Body Shop spells out what it wants customers to do. The display proudly says “Try me” so the message is hard to miss.





“It’s important to make your POS/POP area eye-catching and engaging — this makes it easier for customers to find and entices them to purchase,” advises Mark Marth, CEO at Color Edge.


According to him, “Mixing substrates and materials (for example, mixing paper, vinyl, acrylic, etc), using bright/fluorescent colors, and using glitter and holographic textures will all make your POS/POP displays punchier.”


And don’t forget about lighting, he adds.


“Using interesting lighting — for example, backlit graphics combined with pops of light in other parts of your display and under-lit counters — will also draw the eye.”


These Whittaker’s displays at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand are putting the pointers above to good use. In addition to using different materials and textures, the displays are well-lit and do a tremendous job of catching people’s eyes without being too bright or overwhelming.




“The most common mistake I see retailers make is not changing their POP display,” says Meaghan Brophy, a senior retail analyst at Fit Small Business.


Meaghan’s advice? “Make sure POP displays are always tidy and well-stocked. Weekly, evaluate sales and product positioning to highlight newer or more popular items.”


Pro tip: Use a retail audit and task management solution like Compliant IA to make this process easier. Compliant IA simplifies your retail audits and evaluations, so you can make sure that your displays are being executed correctly — and on schedule.



Always listen to what the data is telling you. Track your sales and conversions to gauge the performance of your displays, and then adjust accordingly.


As Meaghan puts it, “POP displays are hot real estate. If something is not selling in your POP display, move it to make room for something that is selling better. Likewise, if something is selling really well, but doesn’t have great margins, change your pricing or swap it out with another item with better profit margins.”



Making your POP displays stand out requires a mix of creativity and data. It’s not enough to put a bunch of products in a colorful shelf or fixture. You need to factor in seasons, trends, and your audience’s needs in your design process. And equally important is tracking the performance of your initiatives, so you can keep optimizing them. Taking the steps above will enable you to come up with memorable point of purchase displays that engage and convert your customers.


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pop displays catch customer's attention

Having effective POP displays brings numerous benefits in store, and can assist both the buyers and retailers to have affection for your brand. More often, the point of purchase displays has been indicated to improve sales at retail even by a margin of more than 20%. For more details about the effectiveness of point of purchase displays, here are the 5 best advantages of POP displays.

1.Attracts Impulse Buyers

acrylic point of sale display

Using the point of purchase displays becomes easier to fascinate your customers to purchase your goods as long as they are already in the premise purposefully to buy other things. A well-tailored ad is more likely to impact the audience viewing it, given that they are within the budget range to purchase that product at the moment.

If customers are in the store and already purchasing, chances are they will end up buying something new they had not intended to buy when they are entering the shop.

Most of the purchases in areas with the point of purchase displays are often unplanned, more so in the beverage and food industry, meaning that when you have an effective point of purchase in your premises, it will yield a profound impact on your sales.

2.Supplement Your Business Packaging

pop displays supplement business package

Perhaps, you’ve got an excellent product, and you want to create awareness about the services of your product to as many customers as possible. Or you have many activities that you want to accomplish, but it has become difficult to fit all onto a box or small label?

Worry not, because the point of purchase displays is here to supplement your packaging. All you have to do is to enter POP displays.

Other than the increasing attraction of your goods to customers, POP creates more space for the business to familiarize buyers about the uniqueness of your product in terms of value.

This can be achieved by offering extra information that otherwise would not fit on the size of your packaging. Moreover, with the point of purchase displays, you can make the brand of your designs to appear much bigger to assist in the branding of final products.

3.Catch the Attention of The Customer

pop displays catch customer's attention

The effective POP display is fundamental in catching the attention of the shoppers. Traditionally, signage point of purchase displays would only be found around the cash register location; however, today POP has advanced and can be found at any point in the store, such as on ceilings of your store.

4.Assist Your Retailer to Sell Your Products

point of sale display help your retailers to sell


The most common struggle among the most foresighted business of the modern market is ensuring that there is a high merchandise rate at the retail. This is depended on the understanding level of the retailer to your brand.

Additionally, it is also limited to how much space and time the retailers are willing to commit to many of your brands that need adequate promotion.

By having a display alongside your products, the POP can help you in determining how exactly you want to see your brand get advertised within the premise. This is important because it saves you and your customers a lot of trouble.

5.Locate Your Products at Strategic Points

increase sales by visual merchandising

The fact that point of purchase displays is usually designed to be freestanding or they’re structured as attachments that can be connected at the end of the shelves. They create a lot of flexibility.

By having your products strategically located, it means you’re not being squeezed any longer in a certain corner low on the shelf. Additionally, it implies that you can now put your products at the center of any part of the store that’s greatly traversed.

Furthermore, this technique works effectively in getting your brand adjacent to complementary products if any, that may commonly be used with. This works even if initially there’s insufficient space around.