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Acrylic hangers are not commonly used household products. This makes it an ideal merchandise to attract customers to visit your store, help you to keep the clients to stay longer and improve the value of your clothing.

Clear acrylic hangers are the best merchandise for your fashion store. As long as you're working in the fashion clothing business, you have to think about what sort of hangers you should use. Garment supports are a perfect illustration of an everyday item that often gets ignored when you shop. However, acrylic heavy duty hangers make a big difference.

Most of your target customers probably don't pay attention to general hangers, because they are cheap and readily available. Furthermore, hangers that are made from other material will even harm your garments.

-Plastic hangers are too flimsy to maintaining the shape of your garments, which would shorten the lifespan of your clothing.

-Wire hangers are very easy to bend and get rusted, which will shorten their life and damage your clothes. In addition, they are more prone than plastic hangers to clothes slipping off the hanger.

-Wooden hangers can fit only heavy garments. If it is made too thin, it is easy to be de-shaped, cracked or even broken.

All of the above problems could be solved if you use our clear acrylic hangers. Why?

*Acrylic clothes hanger is not commonly used for most families, thus it helps attract your target customers to enter your store, touch your commodities and make them desire to try up your clothing.

*Clear acrylic hangers are made from crystal clear plexiglass, this material is very hard and unbreakable, which makes the clothes hanger sturdy and structured even if it is thinner. It is the best clothes hanger to maintain your garments in good shape.

*The strong heavy duty hangers won't bend at all. These features give it a lifetime lasting use, which means it provides better value for the fashion store owner.

*We are able to make special design such as notches, clips, and even silicone non-slip rubber band onto the acrylic clothes hanger, which makes your garment less likely to slip off or wrinkle.

All of the above-listed reasons make ACRYLIC HANGERS the ideal merchandise to fulfill the purpose of visual merchandising, is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase.


*Sturdy & durable, heavy duty hangers for fashion stores;

*High-end & upscale appearance;

*Attract customers and keep them stayed;

*Won't bend & unbreakable

*Fit various decoration style of fashion store and boutiques.


  • Attract customer's attention.
  • Smooth touch feeling encourages the customer to look and try your clothes.
  • Make your clothes look more upper-scale.
  • Help you to improve profit.
  • Save the expense of your hangers in the long term.


Fashion stores, fashion boutiques, women's wear stores, men's wear stores, children's wear stores, shopping malls, etc.

Acrylic Hangers 1clrear acrylic hangers

acrylic hangers in dior beijing

Acrylic Hangers 2

acrylic hangers in Dior

Our Advantages:

  1. We have a large selection of quality clear acrylic hangers.
  2. We offer customize service to provide you with the best acrylic hangers. Our clients could also choose their favorite accessories, such as hooks, non-slip features, drop and bar attachments, clips, and more.
  3. Furthermore, if you’re ordering heavy duty hangers for your business, consider Chinov’s logo printing service to add a professional touch to your order.

Our Services:

1. Customize the shape of the hanger. There are 3 different head of the hanger currently as the pictures show above.

2. Customize the notched arm of the hanger. You can choose to add or remove it as you like.

3. Customize clips & LOGO. You can decide to add the clips or remove it.

4. We also provide premium LOGO engraving or printing services to meet your demand.

5. You're able to custom the size of the acrylic hanger, either the length of the chrome clip.

Our Guarantee:

1. 1% spares are provided per order to protect our clients from lack of hanger if an accident occurred.

2. 6 months factory warranty of repairing, polishing of the hangers.

3. One bottle of cleanser and rubber puffs would be provided free if you need.

4. Product cleaning service is provided each order before the goods getting packed.

5. Any other after-sales service & support whenever you need from us.


Take your clothing business to the next level by providing excellent support for all of the garments you sell and store. Contact the team at Chinov to learn more about your options, and how you can customize your hangers to fit the needs of your store, and the clothing you sell.