Round Periodic Table Display with Wood Base

Unveil elemental beauty with Chinov’s Round Periodic Table Display, seated on a wood base. A stunning blend of science and design for discerning collectors.

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A Symphony of Science and Craftsmanship: Chinov Display’s Round Periodic Table with Wood Base


Chinov Display presents a masterpiece that combines scientific intrigue with artisanal beauty – the Round Periodic Table Display. Each piece celebrates the marvels of the chemical elements, which are authentically embedded within a perfectly cut circle of high-grade acrylic, creating a stunning visual guide to the atoms that compose the world around us.


Elegantly stood upon a finely crafted wood base, this periodic table isn’t just a learning tool; it’s a conversation starter, an object of art, and a symbol of the elegance of nature’s design. The wood base adds a touch of classical warmth, elevating the display into a sculptural piece that enriches any study room, library, lobby, or personal collection.


Tailor the piece to your taste or educational needs with customizable options provided by Chinov Display’s expertise. Engage with the elements in style and transform the way you see the periodic table with a display designed not just to inform, but to inspire.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 3 cm




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