Set-of-Three Custom Acrylic Display LED Wine Stand For Pub

Elevate your pub’s wine presentation with Chinov’s LED Wine Stand Set. Customizable elegance that lights up and enriches any venue. Ideal for bars.

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Illuminate Your Collection with Elegance: Chinov Display’s LED Wine Stand Set


Presenting the Set-of-Three Custom Acrylic Display LED Wine Stands, exclusively crafted by Chinov Display to transform your pub or bar into a beacon of sophistication. Each stand, meticulously designed with premium acrylic, offers a modern, sleek aesthetic that complements any décor, infusing your space with an air of exclusivity.


With integrated LED lighting, this trio of stands illuminates your finest bottles, creating an enchanting display that catches the eye and sparks conversation. The customizable features allow for a personalized touch, tailoring the size, color, and design to match your venue’s ambiance perfectly.


Ideal for pubs, wine bars, and hotel lounges, our LED Wine Stands enhance the visual appeal of your wine selection, inviting patrons to explore and enjoy the depths of flavors you offer. Elevate your establishment’s atmosphere and customer experience with Chinov Display’s exquisite wine stand set.

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