Small Acrylic Clothes Hangers For Pets in Bulk

This 18cm wide hanger is one of our acrylic pet clothes hangers wholesale with gold hook. The cute bone shape makes it a slip-proof hanger. You can use it to store visual merchandising displays or just use it home for your loved pet.

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Introducing our charming collection of Small Acrylic Clothes Hangers For Pets, the perfect choice for pet boutiques and stylish pet owners alike. These bulk-packed, high-quality hangers are crafted from robust 10mm thick acrylic sheets, ensuring long-lasting durability and a crystal-clear look that adds a touch of sophistication to your pet’s wardrobe.
Our petite hangers are specifically designed to fit pet clothing of all styles, from tiny tees to dapper dresses, ensuring they hang neatly and are displayed at their best. The sleek design of the hanger provides a secure hold while preventing any unsightly creases, keeping pet apparel in pristine condition.
These acrylic hangers are not just practical, they are also an attractive addition to any pet closet or retail setting. Their clear construction offers an unobstructed view of the clothes on display, making selection easier for owners and helping your pet’s fashion shine through.
This product is ideal for:
  • Pet wardrobe organization
  • Boutique pet clothing displays
  • Showcasing pet fashion
  • Keeping pet clothes wrinkle-free
  • High-quality pet accessories
  • Clear, durable pet hangers
Pamper your furry friend with our Small Acrylic Clothes Hangers For Pets, and ensure their attire is always presented as beautifully as the love you have for them. Whether for home use or in a commercial setting, these hangers are the essential accessory for any pet fashion enthusiast.

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Weight 0.07 kg


Hangers For

Hook Style

Round, Square

Metal Color

Black, Chrome, Gold, Rose Gold



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