3 Factors Affect The Service Life of Acrylic Fabrications

3 factors that affect the service life of acrylic fabrications

The service life of acrylic fabrications is the most important concern for customers in addition to price-quality before purchase. There are three aspects that affect service life: material, environment, and usage.

01 Raw material

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The material is the basis, the quality of the material directly affects the service life, domestic, imported, new materials and recycled materials. These are some common classifications of the plates. From the performance point of view, the imports are better than the domestic ones, and the new materials are better than the return materials. If the price is not a problem for you, use good materials and maintain properly, then there is no problem in using 5-6 years or even 10 years (within the house).

02 Environment

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Acrylic fabrications also have requirements for the use of the environment, such as indoors or outdoors, and different temperatures. When the temperature reaches 96° or above, it will be thermally deformed, and below 9.2°, it will be easily catalyzed. The outdoor sun and rain environment will also increase service life. Therefore, acrylic (plexiglass) should not be used in harsh environments. Other materials may be considered if there are special needs.

03 Way of use

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Improper use can also seriously shorten the service life of acrylic (plexiglass). For example, if a product with more than its load is placed on an acrylic display stand, the display frame will be deformed or even broken due to unbearable load.

To extend the service life of acrylic products, regular maintenance and cleaning are required. Otherwise, there is no way to ensure long-term use.

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  1. Alice Carroll
    Alice Carroll says:

    It’s interesting to know that temperature plays an important role in the service life of acrylic fabrications. The last convention I went to had some acrylic charm merchandise and I wondered if such material can have other uses for larger-scale projects. It’s surprising to know that there is an entire industry that is all about it.

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