Transclucent Black Acrylic Hangers

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Elevate Your Boutique with Chinov Display’s Translucent Black Acrylic Hangers

Sleek. Sophisticated. Uncompromising. Chinov Display’s translucent black acrylic hangers are the secret weapon for boutique owners worldwide, including those in the USA, Europe, UK, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

Made from 100% new cast plexiglass, these luxurious hangers are a cut above the rest. Forget flimsy plastic or easily scratched wood. Our translucent black acrylic is strong, scratch-resistant, and built to last. Choose from a variety of sizes and thicknesses to perfectly accommodate all your clothing, from delicate blouses to heavy winter coats.

The true brilliance lies in the details. We offer both round and square top styles, each accented with your choice of four elegant hook finishes: gold, chrome, black, and rose gold. This lets you create a cohesive, high-end aesthetic that complements your unique boutique style.

Beyond aesthetics, these hangers offer real benefits:

  • Strength and durability: Say goodbye to bent or broken hangers. Acrylic is stronger than traditional materials, ensuring your clothes stay safe and secure.
  • Wrinkle prevention: The smooth surface of acrylic hangers helps prevent wrinkles, keeping your clothes looking their best.
  • Snag-free design: The smooth design minimizes the risk of snags on delicate fabrics like silk or cashmere.
  • A touch of luxury: The combination of translucent black acrylic and sleek metal hooks elevates the look of your clothing display, adding a touch of sophistication to your boutique.

Don’t settle for ordinary hangers.

Invest in Chinov Display’s translucent black acrylic hangers and showcase your clothing in the style it deserves.

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Hook Style

Round, Square

Metal Color

Black, Chrome, Gold, Rose Gold


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